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On Today’s Plate…

Looking up at the platinum sites from low tide

We officially open for guests today at 1 PM…but we’ll probably be so busy with activities that we won’t notice the opening bell.  We’re hosting two workshops today, and starting the actual walls of the art studio, so instead of laying in bed this morning running through that brain-scroll of “to-do’s” and building up the anxiety (that causes belly fat, right?) I got up at 5, made a good, strong cup of coffee and did a brain dump while I watched the myriad of birds at the feeders.

Today, we will try and keep to the following schedule:

8:00 AM     Open Office

Gather supplies for Natural Dyeing

  1. Dye Pots…(2)
  2. 5 gallon buckets
  3. Propane burners (are the tanks full?)
  4. Work Table
  5. measuring spoons, digital scale, pyrex measuring cup, stirrers
  6. thermometer
  7. timer
  8. strainer
  9. daffodil blossoms, alum, cream of tarter
  10. matches
  11. Annetto Seed Adjunct?  Hot plate, seeds, water, extension cord

Supplies for Felting

  1. Pool Cover, ties, noodle, screens
  2. murphy’s oil soap
  3. buckets

Supplies for scouring wool

  1. Wash bins
  2. screening
  3. Dawn Dish Soap

Call Janet about bringing two extra fleeces…one moorit

9:00 AM     Art Studio

Boys to start…supplies needed?

10:00 AM   Weave Garden House with Susan Perrine and Laurie Sims

Gloves, garden shears, drinking water

12:00 PM   Order Pizza from Captain Shorty’s in Searsport

1:00 PM     Natural Dye Demonstration, Felt Wool Rug

  1. Skirt fleeces
  2. gather remaining daffodils
  3. simmer blossoms at no more than 190 degrees F for 45 minutes
  4. at the same time,
  5. skirt fleeces
  6. scour wool and lay out rug…start the pre felting
  7. if time allows dye some fleece in annatto seeds for more visual interest in felted rug
    1. strain dye bath
    2. mix 2 oz alum, 4 tsp cream of tarter in boiling water…add to dye bath…add fleece
    3. use dyed wool and naturally colored wool to add surface design to felted rug
    4. note to self, next time try tin (stannous chloride crystals) as the mordant for a brighter yellow

3:00 PM     Lasagna in Beach Oven…Steve, make certain the oven is working

5:00          Set up Rec Hall

  1. light fireplace
  2. cover picnic tables
  3. plates, utensils, drinks
  4. extra cheese and sauce, salad tongs, bread board

5:30 PM     Potluck in the Rec Hall

7:00 PM     Bonfire and Dessert at the Beach

S’mores: Chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, sticks, napkins,

Of course, in between we’ll stop and sit in the sun because Dad should be back from Florida today (note to self, get spinning wheel off his bed)  and Pat and Don will be coming “home” from New York…and Steven got their 5th wheel opened, freshened and newly leveled yesterday.

Wish you were here too,


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  1. Okay I am Tired just thinking about your day ….Good Luck and hope you get plenty of Sunshine….Here’s to a FUN summer

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