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Look what we found in the snow bank this morning!

Hey guys check this out…is it for me?

Who says Christmas is only in December?…or maybe this was a random act of kindness blown in from the South…it certainly made us happy!   Apparently the envelope and the CD must have dropped out when the mailwoman filled the mailbox and a snow plow came by soon after…it took the rains of the weekend to melt away the cozy world it’s been snoozing in since who knows how long?

The Brackett’s were at Searsport Shores in August last year…there was a significant birthday celebration involved in their stay…I was going to try and pick a few pictures for your pleasure but there are too many fantastic ones…so here’s a slide show instead…if it takes a few minutes to load, pour yourself a cup of coffee and wait because it’s worth it…you’ll see…

Want to hear the best endorsement we’ve ever had?  The kids have convinced their family to come back…and the choice was between Searsport Maine and Fort Wilderness, Disney World…

I’m simply floating on air this afternoon from the warm fuzzies…a compliment like that is akin to a mainline of espresso after tossing and turning all night in a room that was too hot…you know what I mean?

3 responses to “Look what we found in the snow bank this morning!”

  1. What Great photos ! Can’t believe they held up . Was Lolly terribly disappointed that the package was not meant for her enjoyment only ?

  2. What a great compliment. You have a wonderful campground. Suprised that the photo’s held up. I still remember 15 years ago when we had a snag with our reservations at a different campground, and a wonderful older lady was very kind and gave us a great spot for our tent. Love your blog!!!

  3. There is something special about your campground and that area of Maine. We visited for the first time two years ago. It was supposed to be a one time camping trip. Despite it raining 4 out of the 6 days(we are tent campers) we enjoyed the trip so much that we returned again last year. Our RV is a Ford Focus filled with 2 kids and camping gear that we drive from Chicago. It is taking a concerted effort not to make the trip again this year — we really should spend some time out West too. However, we will be back!

    The Snyder family

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