Headed to Rhinebeck

Officially the campground is closed now…but when someone nice arrives who obviously wants to enjoy the solitude of the ocean and promises to be “low maintenance,” we’re happy to accommodate them.  As long as the weather doesn’t threaten to freeze our water lines, we leave the bathhouse fully functional and have water and electricity available on the front two rows of the park.

This year Steven is here to keep things organized and knock down the list of Fall chores while I run off for a weekend of play…I’m headed to the big Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY tomorrow morning.   Think feeding frenzy devoted to all things wooly…a visual panicopia of knitting, felting, weaving…you name it…it’s like a fashion show spread over fairgrounds…I can’t wait.  I’ll be staying with Fiber College’s 2010 Artist in Residence Alice Seeger and meeting her friends who hail from New York, Vermont and Conneticut…be back soon!


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