Heavy Metal Gary Rocks!

One day Gary said that his metal shop would be having a slow time…I started babbling about artwork I’d like in our garden…he said how big…I said how big can I go…look what Gary made for me!  I’m so very happy!

Copy of IMG_1536

This is how it was done:

Cutting the sign...I designed it ;)

Cutting the sign...I designed it 😉

5 Comments on “Heavy Metal Gary Rocks!

  1. Just beautiful!! What garden are you putting the sign in?? Just wondering, it’s so big. Won’t be able to miss that. LOL


  2. I think it’s going to be in the field nestled between two pine trees on the South side (Belfast) of the billboard…a few weeks ago Steven obliged me by moving around with two ten foot poles while I said…go left a bit, now back, now forward a step…you get the idea;)


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