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The Rare and Elusive Dwarf Northern Atlantic Hippo (undoubtedly a female)

I can’t believe I missed it…but I was right there and never saw her. Luck for me, Jackie from Phoenix, an authority on unusual animal species, wrote and pointed out what I had missed.

Isn't she beautiful?
Isn't she beautiful?

Here’s the photo again and if you look closely on the left, you’ll see this lovely hippo was indeed waiting with quiet dignity for me to finish and go about my business.

Thank you Jackie, I’ll be more alert next time…another reason not to hide in the house for days on end.

2 responses to “The Rare and Elusive Dwarf Northern Atlantic Hippo (undoubtedly a female)”

  1. Wasn’t she smart to save seaweed as camouflage? Hope she hangs around until summer so we can all get to see her.

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