Back from Boston

Boston and Quebec Cities are the two larger urban centers within easy reach of Searsport (bigger than Portland, Bangor and Augusta by quite a bit).  Either destination is a stress free 3.5 hour drive, on good roads with good radio reception.  My sister Christine and her family live almost in the city and Steve’s sister Su lives on the outskirts, about an hour from downtown.  I love my rural life but a couple of times each year, it’s an absolute treat to wander the boutiques, check out the museums and eat in restaurants with all sorts of exotic cooks…so last week I headed down for a bit of big city play…here’s a few of the highlights with links in case you’d like to visit too.

Sixty and almost seventy degree temperatures in Boston during November are a gift from the gods!  I had a great week of wandering the urban landscape, playing with the nephews and meeting new fiber arts people and I’ve returned home energized and ready for the holiday season…is there any better result of a mini-vacation?

The giant head of the MFA

The giant head of the MFA

I met Su for a tour of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and had the extreme fortune of seeing the special exhibit The Triumph of Marriage: Painted Cassoni of the Renaissance which corresponds to the the same period of history as In a Dark Wood Wandering, the book I’ve been reading for the last six weeks.  As a visual person, seeing the pageantry and the costumes painted in real time enriches my reading enormously.

The Gardner Museum is almost next door to the Boston Museum of Fine Art so while I was there I ducked into the gift shop to get ahead of my Christmas Shopping a bit…on the front lawn of the MFA there’s a head too…does this qualify as a pun? 🙂  Later parked at the Commons and explored Beacon Hill before we walked down to Fanueil Hall for dinner at the food stalls…I had amazing Indian food that should be at the top of everyone’s dining list if you’re in the area.

Really I went to Boston for two specific reasons: First, to see my sister’s new clock and watch shop and help her to add a

Never enough

Never enough

few finishing touches in preparation for their grand opening just after Thanksgiving.  If you’re in the area or simply need a timepiece repaired or appraised, you won’t find a more honest couple to do your work…check them out!

Sticks and string and lots of chatting

Sticks and string and lots of chatting

The second reason I went was to attend the bi-monthly Guild meeting of the Common Cod Fiber Guild.  The meeting was overflowing the room and Susan Gibbs of Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm, the featured speaker was both entertaining and inspiring.  Christine came along and we shopped a bit, sipped coffee with hip students and polished off the evening with great crepes on Mass Ave…I really couldn’t have asked for more!  The meeting was held at MIT’s Strata Center…check out the cool architecture!

More like a cartoon than real life

More like a cartoon than real life

And now I’m home until Christmas.  This week’s plans include sending vendor applications to fiber artists and businesses that might want to participate in Fiber College, organizing for our holiday mailing and spinning wool for Steven’s sweater…all very fun ways to spend these ever shortening days.

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