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Changing Gears

Talk about finishing the summer with a bang!  Saturday we hosted a wedding party for 60 with huge lobsterbake dinner, bonfire on the beach and tailgate games around every corner.  The weather was perfect and we all had so much fun…I didn’t realize I was tired until that night when I poured a glass of red wine into my lap because I fell asleep with it in my hand…thank the Gods for easy to clean leather couches 😉

We followed the party with a frenzy of clean up on Sunday and Monday and this afternoon I find myself all alone with JJ and the goats…and a whole new to-do list for the week.  I’m going to share it because I find I’m more motivated to finish the list if it’s public…sorry if that makes you feel a bit used, but here goes:

  1. Plant 550 daffodil & hyacinth bulbs (and this isn’t a Martha Stewart sort of operation because digging in the gardens around here means contending with lots of clam and mussel shells with every trowel full of dirt)
  2. Scour one gray fleece from the Common Ground Fair
  3. Dye the gray fleece in graduated steel blue tones for Steven’s Sweater
  4. Dye the white Nash Island fleece in Lime green and lemon yellow for a tunic sweater for me
  5. Finish spinning and knitting Christine’s circular vest
  6. Clean out and re-line the pantries for the winter
  7. Give the bathhouse a final cleaning and shut everything down for the winter
  8. Fertilize and mulch the cherry and apple trees, feed the rhododendrons and rose bushes
  9. Pick a basket of baldwin apples to store for winter
  10. Make a batch of green tomato mincemeat
  11. Take a long walk on the beach every day
  12. Finish the Needle Felted Vest with the Mohair Collar
  13. Put away the remaining garden ornaments
  14. Wash and store summer cloths (but I’ll keep a few close at hand for a spontaneous trip to Sarasota ;))
  15. Finish that huge triangular weaving I started after Fiber College on the Mussel Raft

I’m sure there’s more but I’ll add to this when I get a few checked off.  Most of this is pretty fun stuff and I got myself a treat to help push me along…Amazon.com just delivered two new books- Nicky Epstein’s hot off the press Knitting on the Top of the World, and Bunonia Barry’s The Lace Reader.

OK, I’ve exhausted myself just thinking about it all…I think I’ll start with cookies and a cappucino, a walk on the beach and then some spinning.

Random acts of kindness found on a campsite
Random acts of kindness found on a campsite

One response to “Changing Gears”

  1. That is some to-do list! Wow!
    I wish I could join you for a cookie, coffee, and a nice long chat!! And a walk, too! 🙂 Miss you like crazy.
    You have no idea!

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