I’m still here…just fully engaged in life without time to write

I’m always surprised at how quickly the days slip by…and keeping a public blog is a dreadful way of being called to task for allowing time to pass un-noticed.  If you read my other blog, Fiber College on Penobscot Bay, you’ll see that I’ve been pouring my energy into this up coming, once a year…oh what a great event.

Here at the Shores, the vegetable gardens are exploding and I’ve spent my extra minutes making spicy pickles, packing tomatoes into the freezer (Steven, my over-achieving beloved) planted 47 varieties this year and guess what I’m buried under lately…les pommes d’amours in shades of red, pink, yellow, purple and orange…but I digress…I’ve got all of the green beans put away for winter, plenty of snap peas packaged in freezer bags, garlic and onions drying in an old hoop house and our first crate of fingerling potatoes are cossetted away in sawdust for homefries on a rainy November morning.

Embracing the idea that pictures are worth a thousand words, here are two of the things we’ve been doing around here during the past couple of weeks…the posting is a bit limited because I can’t figure out how to add text in between the photographs…I’ll worry about that later…tomorrow we’re serving homemade doughnuts again at 8…that means I’ve got to get the dough prepped tonight…we served 6 dozen in less than an hour this morning…flavored with lemon rind and nutmeg…tomorrow’s will be chocolate and cinnamon…wish you were here!

Painting with pine boughs

Painting with pine boughs

This is Hannah, Josie, Ralph and Izzie…we’re dipping pine boughs into water colors and creating absolutely wonderful splatter paintings…everyone should do this once or twice in a summer!

At the Mussel Munch, 12 people ate 50 pounds of mussels in 6 minutes…next year we’ll have two cooking pots so that we don’t need to keep calling a time out so we cook get the mussels cooked.  The grand champion was the man in the brown t-shirt from Denmark…he won a free night of camping for his family.

Mussel Munch Contestants

Mussel Munch Contestants

Mussel Munch Contestants

More Mussel Munch Contestants

Spectators at the Mussel Munch

Spectators at the Mussel Munch

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