Phones, Modems and other headaches

This is going to be brief because I don’t know how long I’ll actually be on the internet…

If you’ve tried to call me and the phone rings endlessly…like I’ve gone to the beach and left the phone in the office…or it simply goes to voice mail…please blame it on Verizon…the calls haven’t been ringing through to my phone…and of course I don’t know which ones haven’t come through…BUT I’M REALLY HERE~ honest! And someone always answers the phone or returns calls from 8-8 everyday.

In the same vein and probably along the same problems, my internet has been sporadic this week…a new modem came in today…the wrong one…new one won’t be shipped until Thursday…so if your e-mail isn’t answered, I haven’t gotten it yet…

Long story short…We have sites and I’ll always find a place for you…and we really want you to visit if you are nice people…



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