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Another Day at the Office

It’s a bright, sunny, albeit cold morning on the Gulf of Maine…Thank you to all of our  Veteran’s today.  Steven is celebrating his day off from teaching by working on the lawn mower…the one that unceremoniously stopped mulching when the leaves were falling faster than the wind could blow them away. He’s anxious for me to get outside and help build JJ’s new dog pen but honestly, I’m procrastinating until the sun is a bit higher in the sky.

But it’s not really procrastinating if I’m working at the computer, right? This week’s to-do list includes sending query letters to national RV magazines to tell them about Fiber College…the perfect camping destination for September. While I was driving from Indiana this seemed like a relatively easy project…after all, Borders magazine racks are full of camping magazines…but my morning’s research is proving that most of those magazines are owned and published by the same corporation: Affinity Group…you know, Good Sam’s and Woodall’s. Because we are not advertisers with these groups or members of their park club, I will be curious to see if they show any interest in my article proposals.

Completely off topic, while I was hunting for other magazine venues, I stumbled upon a Canadian RV magazine (RV Gazette) with an article entitled Learning to Live with Thirty Amps published on line. If you spend time at a variety of parks, the practical tips offered here might make your camping life easier. My world on Penobscot Bay is filled with ocean breezes that make mechanical air conditioning more of a theory than a necessity so 30 amp service is plenty but you probably travel to other destinations besides ours so just cut and paste this link into your address bar:


I need to get back to my marketing work now…so be well and I’ll let you now how I fare.

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