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Better to Give…

The weeks to come are devoted to tying up loose ends.  Yesterday Dad and I had the pleasure of driving to Waterville and giving the Humane Society a check for $475…the proceeds of generous donations and bidding at the two silent auctions we hosted this year.  Of course this meant putting a “Sorry we’ve stepped out” sign on the front door but with the technology of cell phones, I was able to call all of our check-ins before we left and give them directions to their site…how cool is that!

The drive inland was beautiful, the maples are turning red quickly and stood out in sharp relief from the blue sky…it was surreal because we had the top down and the weather was an unseasonably balmy 90 degrees…my kind of weather!  When we got to the shelter, Director Paula Mitchell gave us a full tour of the facilities which were built new completely from private donations.  They were clean, sunny with and obviously designed by volunteers who knew what they wanted.

Afterwards we headed over to the Last Unicorn for a great meal of crab-cakes and Thai peanut sauce (Dad had smoked baby back ribs)…the food was terrific and the fact that we could eat on the terrace made everything perfect.  On the way home we stopped at the China Lake Supply store and stocked up on next year’s cleaning supplies.  This is one of those places that has a bargain building and sells only deeply discounted products from close outs and bankruptcies…it’s hit or miss but this time we got most of what we need and only spent 25% of the usual cost…the only draw back is finding space over the winter where they won’t freeze and I can find them again in the Spring.

Does anyone else out there feel as though they spend more time moving things around than any other single task?  I swear this time of year I just move piles from point A to point B only to move them back again another time!

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