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This is the big weekend…camping season is officially here…but there are fewer people on the roads thancamdenharbor.jpg usual…I think it will be a more intimate camping week than we would normally expect. Why? Well, when we’re full to the gills, we pat ourselves on the back and we strut around like business moguls because our marketing efforts are so successful and people recognize how wonderful we really are. When the phones are ringing but the stays are shorter and prime sites remain empty, we console ourselves with all sorts of reasons: the gas prices are up again, jobs are insecure, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too rainy…you get the picture. In reality, it’s all of the above and compounded by having a holiday in the middle of the week. Normally July 4th means at least aPeaceful three day weekend and often an entire week of vacation…this year, many of our guests don’t have Monday off on either side and if they miss work on Tuesday or Thursday they won’t be paid for the Wednesday holiday. It’s a crazy world we Americans live in!

Sarah was visiting this week from Massachusetts. Her family’s vacation style is to settle in at the campground and then tour the area extensively. Every time I ran into her husband (or newly licensed son) they had just come back from Camden or Orono or Sunrise over Mack PointStonington…and it must work for them because Sara looked refreshed and radiant every time I saw her. When she got home she wrote: We had a great time. Wish we had traveled around less and stayed put at your campground, but that’s the way we see the world…by getting out and exploring…I’m including photos I took while there. I was blessed with some gorgeous sunrises…there has to be SOME advantage to the dog waking at 5AM!! Together with the tranquil setting, the gorgeous scent of theSunrise over Sears Island flowers all over, the sound of the loons, wonderful weather, and so many personal touches throughout the campground, it was like paradise…

Oh yes, I’m very susceptible to compliments 😉 All of the photos in this posting are Sarah’s

This year we’re launching a weekly movie night in the Rec Hall. Our seasonal guest Lois Konvalinka has an extensive collection of little known gems that span the 1930’s to the present. She has an obscure Doris Day film about raising lobsters in Maine and getting them by train to NYC that we’ll be watching soon. Last night we enjoyed Carry On Up the Khyber a 1970’s British Comedy that had the audience roaring so loudly that I had to shut the door in order to take reservations.

Tonight we’ll have a candy bar bingo to assure that everyone starts the weekend with a sugar high!

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