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I’m stuck inside…but we got an award!

I haven’t written you since Monday because we’ve been stuck in the middle of a cold, rainy week and my attitude has been so dismal I didn’t think you’d want me to share it.  I’m pouting because all of this precipitation means that we can’t chip this weekend…and I LOVE seeing those mounds of brush turn into mulch for my gardens every Spring.  Now we’ll need to wait until after Memorial Day Weekend and my plants will be so tall that mulching them will be a never-ending exercise in patience…uuuurrrrgggghhh!

The rain and drizzle has kept us working inside.  Frustrating but productive.  I’ve been working on the new store displays while Kaylin is getting the seasonal campers cleaned and ready for their owners.  More mice than usual moved in for the winter and clearing out their calling cards is taking alot of time.  Luckily none of the damage was serious and by Saturday all the campers on the list will be fresh and ready for the summer season.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a seasonal camper is some one who leaves their trailer right here in the park…like a summer home on the ocean without all of the hassles.  Some campgrounds are predominantly seasonal while others welcome only transient guests.  We’ve found that if we limit our available seasonal sites to a maximum of 15, carefully selected guests, we can create a wonderful atmosphere…we have the stability of regular, friendly faces and the excitement of guests who visit for a short time to enjoy all the area has to offer.  I’ll introduce you to our seasonals as they start moving back for the summer.p5160081.jpg

Remember that we picked up a new Hornet rental trailer the other day?  Well, Kaylin got the road dust wiped out and it’s beautiful…now we have three, two bedroom trailers to offer guests who want to sample the RV lifestyle…a great way to see if you like it before you park one in your own driveway.

Another happy event happened yesterday…a bright spot in the gray sky so to speak.  Unbeknown to us, we were voted The Best Campground in Waldo County by our local supporters…how cool is that?  Of course we’re always proud when a national organization chooses us as one of the best, but it’s a whole other level of satisfaction when people you live and work with on a regular basis think you’ve got it right…Thank you to all who took the time to vote for us…it means everything!

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