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Is it Really Spring?

We’ve had two days of sunshine, the gold finches are in full summer regalia and I worked on the balcony in a tee shirt and light sweater…it must be Spring…the forsythia are blooming and I now have a bouquet of daffodils on my paperwork strewn kitchen table.

Another sign of Spring is Dad’s return tomorrow afternoon from a long winter’s vacation in Sarasota. For me that means I can’t put it off any longer…it’s time to get all my wool and paraphernalia out of his bedroom and vacuum the floor…it was such a convenient place to stash things over the past six months…I’m happy to see him again but it’s a shame he’ll re-possess his bedroom and closet space.

I’ve spent the last two days immersed in Access 2002. Innocently enough I decided that with concentrated effort I could create a relational database that would handle all of the Fiber College paperwork seamlessly and effortlessly…you’ve seen the advertisements haven’t you? Well Monday was productive and by 7 PM I had the basic tables in place and some of the data input-ed (is that a word?).

Running the campground office is the perfect experience for a woman with ADD. In between reading the chapters in Access for Dummies I answered e-mails, took a couple around the park for the possibility of a seasonal site, made reservations, processed deposit checks and found the waterproof caulking for the bathhouse work.

To survive a world of constant interruptions (and I didn’t even mention the ever pressing needs of the cat and dog to be on a different side of whatever door they’ve found) I’ve created a system of note taking where I use a different color gel pen for every session I start, that way when I need to find out what I was working on at 10AM I just look for the orange writing in the evergrowing stack of papers floating around my desk.

Tuesday was an exercise in frustration when I tried to get the data table relationships in place. Steven got home from school (he teaches 7th grade) late and found his beloved hunched in the middle of the living room floor, charting for the umpteenth time where I wanted my FC data to live. After making the poor choice of chastising me for being inside with so much yard work to be done, he suggested now might be the time to pay someone to show me the next step in the programming process…so this morning I’m headed to Belfast Computer’s for a consultation. My calendar says this Database will be completed by Sunday night, and like yours, my calendar wouldn’t lie.

On another note, if you’re in the Lewiston Maine area this weekend, our friend Gary will be at the Motorhome Center with a light house display for the campground. Every year in the Spring these folks host an open house for people considering the purchase of their first RV. Gary will be there to persuade them that once they’ve bought a second home on wheels, ours is the only place they should spend their maiden nights…so if you can, stop in and say hi.

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