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It’s no surprise, we’re a business that’s weather dependant. We need good weather in the Summer to put people in the camping mood and we need warm, dry weather in the Spring to get the park cleaned up and open for guests. This morning we woke up to another 6 inches of snow and as I write it’s still coming down.

Next week is April school vacation…we have atheletic teams and friends ready “to get the job done”…instead Steven can do a bit of indoor repair work but that’s about it, you can’t rake leaves from under the snow. By the time it melts and the ground dries a bit, the kids will be back in school…can you feel my stress level? Think 40 acres of landscaping and no one to help…I have a plan though, I’m going to bake a batch of cookies and whine quietly to myself.

The real truth is, with winter-like weather still at the door I don’t have an escape from my computer chores and that’s not fun. But pretending to be a mature adult, I’ve tried to stay pleasant while I work on our promotional pieces. After great deliberation, we’re going to go with a rack card this year and see how it works. It will be nice not to invest in 20,000 brochures (the minimum needed for a decent commercial printing price) and it will give us more flexibility to refine our approach this year. So here’s the draft:rackcardback.jpg

It’s me again…I can’t seem to make the file up load even though I seem to have a small enough image…I’ll work on it…maybe there’s too much web traffic right now…urrrrrgh…I’ve spent more than an hour trying to show this to you!

Please take a minute to tear it apart…really, my skin is thick and I want your unbiased thoughts. The questions in my mind are pretty direct: Does it give you enough information to entice your curiousity? What impression do you gain from just reading the text? Is it professional enough? Is it boring? Should I add anything? Is it too filled, should I take something away? Of course, this is the back of the rack card, the front will have a picture or two but I’m waiting to see how this back piece finalizes…so please give me your input…I will be listening closely.

Thank you

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