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Seven Days a Week


The good news is that when you work for yourself, sometimes you can schedule your own hours. The bad news is that when you work for yourself it’s possible to work 7 days/week every moment that you’re awake.

But if you’re lucky, it doesn’t usually feel like work. Yesterday couple of us wanted to touch base and have a marketing meeting before the season is upon us…so the ladies came over here, I made homemade doughnuts (nutmeg and lemon…OMG they were good) and we discussed July and August with cappuccinos and doughnuts in hand. Because we’re women with a plan, we ended the agenda on a quick beach walk to Moose Point State Park. For some this would sound like a playdate, but honestly, who decided that conference calls were the way to go?

Today we took advantage of the good weather before the sleet and snow returns tomorrow. Steven and I planned carefully…Computer time until 11 and the day had started to warm, then we made a brunch of Pad Thai, and while I found the picnic blanket Steven got the tractor and all the necessary tools together. We ate in the sunshine on top of the seawall and then we got to work. Every year we suffer a certain amount of Mother Nature’s “winter pruning”…the branches and trees that fall from the wind and the weight of the snow and ice. We chip most of it in order to mulch the gardens and walking trails, but the rest we burn on the beach.  Today was the perfect afternoon for a bonfire and a chance to clear out our Christmas boxes and junk mail…our first of the 2007 season!

icebergjpgWorking a campground requires so many skills…in the Spring it’s all about landscaping and tonight my muscles are reminding me I’m not yet in “campground shape”. But as long as there are still iceburgs in the bay, I can hide in my bulky sweaters and pretend that I’ll work off the extra doughnut before the sun goes down.

2 responses to “Seven Days a Week”

  1. Your life sounds very busy and abundant! Enjoyed the pictures of the water and shoreline. I’ve always wanted to live beside a large river or body of water. If we ever have the opportunity to head to Maine, we’ll schedule it for mid- sept.

  2. I love to read about the camp off season. My husband and I have been camping up there for 11 going on 12 years. We started tent camping at seasport shores but as we get older we have graduated to a cabin down the street. We still bring our bassett hound, but he to is showing his age LOL. I hope you keep doing the blogs. It’s kind of like an open diary/newspaper to the area. It’s great!!

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