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Happy Monday!

It’s Monday…and not that I’m competitive but just for fun, I’d like to compare my day with yours…and it’s barely noon.

After my great cup of Rock City Coffee (www.rockcitycoffee.com) I turned my computer on to download the weekend’s e-mails. Aside from the usual stock investment tips and opportunities to make $600,000 by helping a poor bureaucrat from Nigeria, I get guest mail.

The first one was from Sarah…we haven’t met yet but she wrote:

Looking for Thursday 6/21 through Sunday 6/24 …WOULD LOVE something right on the water if possible !!!! I am hoping to get a picture perfect site.. to sit and watch the water from the campsite !!

I looked and looked on the web site, and couldn’t see if the “premium sites’ were full hook up with water /elec /sewer..

OK.. let me know… I am hoping you can tell me specific sites that are available !!

Thank you

PS.. LOVEEEE the blog !!

Now how could I not find this cheerful person the most perfect site available in the campground?…I like her already! There’s a hint in this folks…when you’re looking for a reservation, don’t treat that unknown person at the other end of the phoneline/e-mail like the IRS agent…we’re really here to help 🙂

Another e-mail in my box was:

Hello, from Wiscasset,

Douglas’ PerformanceLois and I are enjoying the warmer weather and are devoting March to getting this old house back on wood burning as the primary heat source, as it was back in the 1830s. Reactivating our fireplace, for the coldest period this Winter, made us realize that the penetrating warmth and the purchase of seasoned wood (in Damariscotta) in quantities that “fit” our VW Camper and the covered, outdoor wood rack, made more sense than cringing when the oil truck pulled up, each month.

Anyway, Lois has belonged to the Arbor Day Foundation for years, which supplies my Rainforest Rescue organic coffee beans, monthly. As a long-time member, she’s eligible for a premium of plants, trees and/or bushes with her renewal.

This year, they are offering her 5 Rose-of-Sharon shrubs, and we’d like to donate them to you, if you’d like to place them somewhere in your attractive grounds. She needs to check a “yes/no” option when sending in her renewal, so if you want the shrubs, let us know, soon. It’s o.k. if you don’t want them, since she can mail in the payment with the “no” option checked.

Hope all is well with you and yours. We are counting the days until Searsport Shores is open. So is Dick, who expressed similar feelings, even after his trip to Nicaragua to visit old friends.

Let us know on the shrubs. Either way is o.k.

Best wishes – your friends,
Douglas & Lois (also Jenny & Gretel)


Garden envy is a fault I’m willing to admit to and with the help of Steven and Hannah, I’m always adding to and playing with our planting beds. Of course wrote back quickly and said we’d love to find a home for the shrubs…I’m thinking the garden as you come into the park because there’s a bench situated under the pines and Lois could sit there on warm afternoons.

Finally, I got a brief e-mail from Pat and Steve from Philly:

Postcard Potential?With luck when we do come up we will be have two new additions–a new motorhome (our retirement one) and hopefully a sister for Hakbar. (that is a dog sister) We are longing for summer and have just had a sleet storm here. It is so hard that you walk on top and don’t sink in. I fed the birds this morning and just walked right on top. However, I know that spring is on the way because we have seen robins. In fact just before the storm there were about 75 of them in the fields by my school.

Pat, Steve and Hakbar the furball have been camping with us for three years now and if you want to know where to ride your motorcycle while you’re here, talk with them this July 4th holiday.

If you’ve had a better Monday morning at work, I’d like to hear about it!

Smugly yours,


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