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What Was Your Day Like?

Mine was pretty typical. I had lunch at the Belfast Co-op with the executive director of the Islesboro Island Land Trust. We discussed the latest conservation efforts for Sears Island and all the politics of trying to build trust in an internet environment. Maine is huge and technology has really helped us bridge the gap by making communication easy and essentially cost free. But all of the e-mails shooting through cyber space lead to alot more mis-understandings and half baked ideas.

After lunch I bought some locally grown parsnips and carrots for tonight’s soup and ran up the hill (literally because it was -10F with blustery winds) for a loaf of fresh bread from Chase’s Daily. It was voting day for Searsport so I took care of that while the truck was still warm…this year we’re voting for one selectman (we had two choices) and one school board member(only an incumbent). The local reporter from the Waldo Independant was there and we caught up on news for a minute. Before I headed home I stopped at the bank, complained about the cold, made a deposit and dashed back into the truck.

When I got home, I took care of my neglected e-mails, returned reservation phone calls and settled down for a cup of cappuccino and a brownie. While the wind whipped the snow into swirling diamond veils around the trees I worked on our new logo again. Friday I meet with the Pica Design, a local firm, to discuss both the new logo and a brochure.

did I mention it was cold out? I believe that days like today are created to give us a good excuse to eat soup. Tonight’s was barley, lamb and roasted winter vegetables- a medley of parsnips, rutabegas, carrots, potatoes, garlic cloves and leeks. Add a bottle of good red wine, a crusty loaf of bread and a happy husband. Is there more to life?

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  1. I like that your typical day included a lunch with an exec to discuss conservation efforts and such. My typical day looks more like your neglected email and phone call queue, plus probably heating up something frozen somewhere in between.

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