Fishing in Bucksport and Orland

Jason Nippolito's Catch from Flicker

Did you know there are 2200 lakes in Maine?  I can’t even find the number of ponds…and then there are the rivers and streams…Bucksport and Orland are two towns about 15 minutes North East of Searsport Shores Campground.  A quick Google search found 11 ponds for you with public access for fishing and swimming…take a look…

Bucksport Lakes & Ponds

Information contained herein obtained from “The Enterprise” Source Book 1997-98

Brewer Lake- (also Orrington, Holden); boat launch, Lake Rd. Orrington.

Hancock Pond- 59 acres; 25 ft max depth; hand carry, off Rte. 46. Brook trout, pickerel, smelt.

Long Pond- 222 acres; 29 feet. max depth; hand carry, Lower Long Pond Rd. Brook trout, smallmouth bass, white perch, salmon, pickerel.

Silver Lake– 630 acres; 33 ft. max depth; public boat launch, Silver Lake Rd. Smallmouth bass, white perch, pickerel.

Thurston Pond- 141 acres; 25 ft. max depth; hand carry, off King’s Mtn. Rd., Orrington. White perch.

Orland Lakes, Ponds and Rivers

Information contained herein obtained from “The Enterprise” Source Book 1997-98

Alamoosook Lake and Dead River- 1,133 acres, 28 ft. max depth; public boat launch at Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery, E. Orland. Brook and brown trout, smallmouth bass, white perch, salmon, pickerel.

Craig Pond-218 acres; 69 ft. max depth; public access, Craig Pond Trail, off Hatchery Rd., East Orland. Foot traffic only Memorial Day to Labor Day. Brook trout, salmon, togue, smelt.

Hothole Pond- Hand-carry access via Moosehorn Stream only. Many beaver dams.

Narramissic (Orland) River- is fresh water from Alamoosook dam to Orland Village dam. Access is Orland Village, behind sewer pump house. To get to saltwater in Orland Village turn east from Rte. 1 onto the River Rd. through the Village, then straight across Rte. 175, and straight to the end of Fish Point.

Toddy Pond– (also Surry, Penobscot, Blue Hill); 1,987 acres; 122 ft. max depth; public boat launch, Rte. 1, E. Orland. Brown and brook trout, smallmouth bass, white perch, salmon, togue, smelt.

Upper Patten Pond (also Surrey, Ellsworth); 361 acres; 32 ft. max depth; hand carry off Rte. 1, Surry. Brook and brown trout, white perch, salmon, smelt.

15 minutes from Searsport Shores

Fishing licenses you ask?

In Maine everyone over the age of 12 needs a license for freshwater fishing (not salt water).  They’re easy to get at the Searsport Town Office…a 15 day license is $47 (only about $3/day), a 7 day license is $43, a 3 day license is $23 and a single day out with a fishing pole in a pond or lake of your choice is $11.

Calendar of Events

How do you know that you live in a hidden harbor of the “Vacationland State?”

When you visit the state’s tourism site and beginning sifting through the calendar of events.  (This week my  task is to create a good list of events within a two hour radius of Searsport Shores).  If you just look at the official website, you’re lead to believe that nothing happens between Camden and Bar Harbor…but us locals would beg to differ.

Something for everyone

I suppose it’s our own fault…we could be submitting our events to the big websites; Not that I remember anyone asking.  More likely, I’d guess that our invisibility reflects the general attitude I hear at the post office: sure we want visitors to come…but if they can’t work at it a bit, what’s the point?  O.K., I’m paraphrasing a bit but you get the idea.

So rest assured, I’ll be tracking down events that are both a bit out of the way and those that are close to home…and I’m going to be starting a series of posts that share things to do without spending many vacation dollars…Steven and I are good at that ;)…

I’ll be back when I have more to report.  In the meantime, if you want to avoid the crowds, remember not to rely only on the advice of the state’s tourism office…or those glossy publications.

Winter Hike on Ragged Mountain

After a stretch of gray, sort of warm days, we’re back to the bright blue skies that characterize our January/February months…actually one of my most favorite times of the year.  It’s cold with no humidity in the air so that the snow crunches under your feet and if you don’t wear sunscreen, you’re certain to get a tan by the end of the day.

Sunday we drove down to Camden and then on the spur of the moment decided to hike Ragged Mountain with JJ the hound.  It was so beautiful that I put together this slide show because as you know…a picture’s worth…

After the hike we headed back to the Whales Tooth pub for appetizers and beer…I leaned back and drowsily watched the seagulls fighting over the mussels exposed by the low tide…Steven grabbed a pen and started planning the vegetable gardens…crop rotations, visual interest and how far does _______ need to be from the goats…oh the decisions we need to make!

Where will the broccoli be most safe from the goats?