Maryly Matthewman Creates the Faces of Searsport Shores, August 9-15

MarylyMatthewmanDear Campers,

My week in August will be here soon enough.  My July seems to be booked up already and it will be wonderful to come to Maine and create with you.

This will be my third session as Artist in Residence in Searsport and it is easy to think of things to share as everyone has always been so open to new ideas.  Although I found my work as a dental hygienist in a dental clinic serving the underserved in our community pretty rewarding, I love retirement time! Now I can sew and stitch, put colors, textures and forms together, make baby quilts, knit mittens, hats, socks, sweaters and do it the way I want to for as long as I want to.

This year as part of my “Faces of ………Project” I will be creating a face out of bits of fabric  and I hope you will join me for a  “Faces of Searsport Shores Campground”.   I am working on “Faces” of different areas, jail, Boys and Girls Club, Laconia, and Squam, NH.  I will also help you create a self portrait to take home.

My friend has given me some of her lovely handcrafted glass beads to sell for $1 and they are beautiful! So, I have a lot planned for you and I do hope you will join.  Want to learn to knit?? I can teach you as I have been teaching beginner knitting in our jail for about 5 years now. I will bring yarn and needles, just show up! Anyone interested in knitting at all, come this week so we can knit together.  And if at all possible, I would love to use that outside bread oven!!!! I have been a bread baker for well over 40 years.  Well cheers to a great week!



Hoop Dancer Jen Appleby July 16-19

Jen guiding morning mindful stretch 

Hello future hoop friends!

My name is Jen Appleby and I will be bringing Wingspan Mindful Movement to Searsport Shores July 16-19th. I am a hula hoop dancer from Lisbon Falls Maine and I love helping kids and adults alike find joy in learning to hoopdance. I am a long time mover and have dabbled in tai chi, yoga, ballet, and baton before finding a home in hoopdance as ‘flow art’ five years ago. I love engaging in the physical exploration of moving with a prop and expressing myself through dance. Hoopdance is truly an art and a science. It also affords a person’s mind and body a uniquely creative means to connect to the present moment and to one’s own personal, physical experience. Hoopdance is good for balance, flexibility, attention, energy regulation, stress reduction, weight loss, core toning, immune strengthening and self-expression. I will hold two sessions daily on the 17th and 18th with an evening jam on the 16th and a morning mindful stretch on the 19th. Morning classes will focus on meeting the day with gently and gracefully. We will gather on the beautiful ocean deck and focus on using the hoop as a tool for meditative stretching. In the evening we will jam out on the bball court during which time I will demo some basic dance moves and offer one to one instruction as we all dance together. Both classes are open to all ages and abilities, though the am. class may be more conducive to children over 12. I will have hoops available for use as well as purchase. Please give yourself the gift of silly and serious fun. Come join the circle!

Giant bubbles!

I will also be blowing giant bubbles and will have them available for purchase!

Ever wondered what is the biggest bubble you could blow? Come join Jen before hoop class on the basket ball court and experience the giant fun of creating enormous soap bubbles. With some basic know how, the right weather conditions and a little patience, you too can enjoy this whimsical and mindful art. Jen will have wands to try and wands for purchase. Come be amazed and then stay on for hula hoop dance party!


July 4th Celebration at The Shores

And hail the Day;
May it forever shine,
And prove our rights divine,
To bless the Day.*

*a verse from A Favorite Song. Sung on the Fourth of July, by a number of the true Sons of Columbia. Tune, ‘God save Great Washington.'”

The Mail; or, Claypoole’s Daily Advertiser, 8 July 1791, 2.

Books Books Books!!

Greetings from Searsport Shores!

Gail and I are into the second day of our residency and enjoying exploring various book art creations with campers. Today we made our first small books with accordion folds. We then spent a lot of time thinking about the covers, using recycled patterned envelopes and notan cut outs to decorate the front. Some books are already being used to capture the beauty of Maine’s coast through collaging bits of the outside world, or drawing sea creatures found in the camp’s beach.

IMG_1619 IMG_1623 IMG_1627
Come join Gail and Abigail Saunter this week as they continue to explore various forms of book making!

Meet Artist in Residence – Angelika Paul

Searsport Shores is thrilled to be welcoming back Angelika Paul for another week this summer with Art From Scratch. Everyone had a super good time last year bouncing their very own super balls and  making colorful, messy art using basic materials found in the kitchen!
Angelika will be at The Shores June 28 – July 4th
Meet Angelika Paul….
Hello, I’m Angelika – mom, scientist, DIYer, and camper. My current adventures include the kitchen, beaches, gardens, forests, libraries, science museums, and our basement. That’s where we do our arts and crafts at home. I live in Stoneham, MA with my two children, three cats, a dog, and my wonderful (though possibly long suffering) husband.
I got started making art supplies from scratch after I refused to buy more playdough. That stuff is EXPENSIVE! So I hopped on Pinterest and tried the first recipe for play dough I came across. Total fail. Ever the scientist I started experimenting with different recipes, different ingredients, and different ways of preparing each recipe. It took a while, but my children got to learn some chemistry and a touch of art theory. And we got to make a lot of mess. Woot!

Last year I was collating all my back-of-paper-towel notes and launched a Kickstarter project to publish a boxed set of recipe cards. I ended up in hospital for a week, just during the final phase and it didn’t get fully funded. Health has kept me from finishing that project, but my children and I will be super happy to show other campers how to prepare play dough, paint, bubbles, slime, and bouncy balls at Searsport Ocean Shores Campground for a second year.



They’re here!

It’s so much fun to finally arrive at Memorial Day Weekend…we plan, we clean, we prepare…and then the guests arrive in magic numbers to celebrate the beginning of camping season! With the help of friends, family and dedicated staff, we’ve been able to open the park with fanfare because we’ve never looked better so early in the season.  It’s a chilly 45 degrees while I write this but the beach if full of combers, the rec hall behind me is buzzing with families playing ping pong and reading stories by the fire and we’re planning a beach bonfire tonight with fried bread and ghost stories.

Campsites and Souvenirs

The other day Bill Carr and Bob Vermilyea came by to talk to Steve about building a pickle ball court for campers and some of our neighbors…do you play pickle ball? The name made me laugh but the players are very serious and it sounds like a game we could really get into so we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, since the court is an investment of both $ and space, we’d love to hear if it’s something you think would be an asset to the campground.
Have a marvelous weekend,
Astrig & Steve

And the days go by…

What do we do in February?…eat well, exercise and play with string.

The goats get restless so several times a week we get them to the beach for a stretch and a belly full of seaweed
Knitting with a dear friend
Knitting with friends
pizzicato play
pizzicato play
a new tajine to play with
a new tajine to play with
Every snowstorm brings a new distraction
Every snowstorm brings a new distraction