An Almost Perfect Winter Day

By 6:45 this morning, the Bay was pink, purple and ice cold blue. Before I was dressed, the color and light show gave way to the bands of silvery ice floating on the water and the only colors left in the world are blues and pine-tree greens. By the time the dog and I got to the beach, the tide was receding and the most amazing thing happens…the sea foam freezes and clings to the rockweed. Picture a science fiction movie where life is frozen in an instant…the bubbles look absolutely perfect…but wouldn’t be popping until the sun melts them later in the day. When you walk on the frozen seaweed it cracks and squeaks under your feet and where the stream runs into the bay, the difference in salinity makes the water look thick like a gel. As soon as I buy a new digital camera, I’ll try and capture it so that you know what I’m talking about.

After a strong cup of coffee it was time to sit down and work. This week’s project has been designing a new logo…and I think that I have a good first draft. Our first and only logo was designed on a bar napkin, over a beer on the drive between Arizona and Maine. It worked but it’s time for something new. In a graphic design that fits on a business card I want to convey the ocean, a casual and fun atmosphere, an up-to-date attitude (but not too trendy), all the relevant contact information and I want it to attract the traveller looking to spend time exploring our corner of paradise…oh and the logo must appeal equally to folks camping in a tiny tent or a 40′ motor home complete with washer and dryer. Is this too much to ask? Look at my current draft and tell me what you think…it’s nice to have input.


Once Dad and Steven have had their say, I’ll start working on the second draft. We need to re-design the brochures too and have them ready for the tourist information centers before Memorial Day.

Each time we do a printing we order 20000 copies but this year I’m wondering, should we print rack cards or brochures? They both cost the same but rack cards seem more modern. Do you agree? By next week I’ll need answers to these questions so that there’s time to decide what the finished product should look like.

But now I need to go across the street to Abbracci’s, the Italian cappuccino bar and meet Steven and chat with proprietors Assunta and Chris. They make the most amazing cannolis and last week they baked 50 burnt sugar cupcakes for Steven’s surprise birthday party. Assunta is an aspiring writer and accomplished photographer. A native of New Jersey, her insight is always a surprise take on the world…and her heart reminds us all to cherish the life we’re leading.

Hello world!

My life oscillates between simple and frazzled but never seems to hover in the middle. If you’ve ever thought you might like to own a campground or work closely with your family…here’s a chance to peek through the windows and see what it’s like. I pledge to post to this blog at least 3 days each week and if I keep to my resolution you’ll ride through the jitters of Springtime reservations, see the gardens as they sprout and mature, live through Fiber College in September and close down the park with us in October. Along the way I’ll introduce you to the interesting characters who stay with us for a day, a week or the entire summer. Life is never boring at Searsport Shores Ocean Camping and I hope that you enjoy the ride. I’ll try to include photos to fill in the blanks and of course the best thing in the world would be if you stopped by and said hello if you happened to be in Searsport.

This is our 15th summer on these 40 acres and we’ve finally reached the point that when something goes wrong, we know the world won’t come crashing down. Our home is set in the middle of a 125 site campground complete with beach, boardwalk, a playground to make any child bubble, recreation hall for potluck suppers, a supply store and lots of flowers. My husband does the hardscaping and I choose the plants. Dad takes care of the financials and the books and I run the front office. We all tend to the needs of our guests and our roles become very blurry during the summer. We all love to cook and eat so every Saturday night there’s a big lobsterbake on the beach…I’ll tell you more about that when July rolls around.

This time of year we work on marketing, planning, resting and now blogging…so welcome to my world!

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