I remember when…

Just to be clear, I understand completely that the tragedy I’m about to share, doesn’t compare remotely to the pain of losing a loved one or being shut in with someone abusive for weeks on end…I know that. But I miss you all and wanted to reminisce…

Today is the first time in almost 3 decades that I haven’t gotten up on this particular Saturday to make doughnuts for friends, guests and others at the start of our Clean-Up Weekend. I thought it would be no big deal…but it is! The biggest blessing of our campground life is the people that fill it!

So I just wanted to say good morning to you all, assure you that we’re working on Corona Virus protocol (I have two draft posts in the works but this moment of self-indulgent whining took precedence over the real writing).

Tomorrow I’m making my grandmother’s buttermilk doughnuts with cinnamon sugar if you’d like to come by and get one…the oil will be hot by 9! 💕💕💕 Stay safe, stay well and visit when you can!

In case you hadn’t heard, currently we can host guests from Maine (and those who have already quarantined in Maine for 14 days) during the month of June…it’s a great time to enjoy 40 acres on the ocean almost by yourselves! According to the recommendations, we must have a reservation on the books before you drive into the park…so please call, text or e-mail first. Steve and I are around all of the time!

Learning Curves!

I don’t know about you but I’m learning a lot these days! Being told to open three weeks later than usual seemed like the ticket to rest and relaxation…not so much!

My days revolve around checking out the latest numbers every morning, tuning in to Governor Cuomo’s updates, setting the alarm for our Maine CDC briefing (huge fan of Gov. Mills and Dr Shay) and then “just a minute” of news every night before I go to sleep. I’ve learned tons about disinfectants and anti-viral chemicals. I’m happy to report that we’ve worked with a company in Denver Colorado to ship us a product that sterilizes with a fogging machine within 10 minutes, no PPE required, no odor or residue and it’s so non-toxic that a child can drink it without a worry. Am I the only one who’s amazed? When the 5 year supply is delivered next week, our sterilizing quandaries have been solved.

When KZ Recreational Vehicles heard that we were having trouble sourcing enough masks for the summer (we’re going to require masks on anyone inside a building (laundry, office, art studio etc)), they mailed us 100 N95 face masks with a request that we put them to good use…within the campground and the town of Searsport. Thank you KZ!

Steve’s been focused on the grounds…we turned the water on for the entire park yesterday (and of course it’s going to snow again on Saturday😳). The Garden Kitchen finally got its coat of interior paint this week and we’re re-working the gardens to create a prettier entrance to the kitchen because we’re anticipating offering pop-up meals this summer with some of our favorite chefs. I’ll post update pictures on all of this next week, including the expand frog pond. In between chores we’re cooking over the campfire regularly, watching a pair of bald eagles hunt on the beach every day and admiring all of the Spring bulbs that are starting to appear (while I was in Ethiopia last November, Steve planted 250 bulbs as a surprise…isn’t he awesome?)

Lucy is growing…She celebrated her one month birthday on Cinco De Mayo…we felt obligated to toast to her sustained exuberance with Tequila and blood oranges after we gave her yet another bottle of formula. We pan roasted chili peppers over the fire too…that makes a rounded meal, right?

Living in Maine has shielded us from many of the challenges and pain Covid is causing. Without minimizing the suffering in anyway, I am amazed to be living through such a pivotal point in our civilization. Just a few months ago, who could have imagined that millions of people would be ordered to shelter in place and put a full pause on their lives?

Last week I asked Facebook friends what unexpected pleasures they’ve experienced and we all seem to agree that slowing down gives us time to re-evaluate our priorities. In our corner of the world we’re seeing it manifest by people playing in their yards and walking the myriad of trails made available through land trusts and public access. Are you all aware of the Coastal Mountain Land Trusts network of trails in the mid-coast? We’ve been enjoying them more these last few weeks (especially when a trail is close to a restaurant with take out 😉)

It isn’t without irony that I share this beautiful poem. Of course we want you to visit…you enrich our world in more ways than we could count and I will be saddened if we can’t find a way to share the beauty of this little corner of the world…so let’s define “Home” as where we find nourishment rather than a physical location.

And the People Stayed Home

And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.
And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.
And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed. — Kitty O’Meara.

Life in the Covid-Pause…there are still so many unknowns, frustrations and questions. Steve and I are struggling to make the best possible decisions with the information we’ve gleaned from our many conversations with our CDC and HHS departments. We’re assessing our options through a lens of priorities: 1. How can we optimize and protect the health of everyone connected with Searsport Shores? 2. How can we stay financially stable until we have adequate testing and the protection of a vaccine that will allow us to return to “normal”? and 3. Where can we find balance and joy in the reality we’re currently living?

Camping is inherently a safe activity. Most of the time we’re outdoors unless we’re sleeping. RV’s offer each family their own bathroom and kitchen facilities. Social distancing isn’t a problem. We’ve decided to start our artist in residence program the last week of July when the weather is warm enough to work in the sunshine. We’ve arranged the seating at the bandstand so that we can start having our music under the stars on July 1st.

With the understanding that new information will inform and change our policies, we’ve decided to adopt the following Reservation Strategies that we believe will fit our priorities best:

(1) To allow us flexibility within the campground and to offer our guests extra space between campsites, we will only be accepting new reservations for 7 nights or more. If you already have a reservation, we will honor it. By reducing the number of guests in the park, we will be able to keep at least 50′ of breathing space between campsites.

(2) For June and July we will only be accepting self-contained RV reservations because we have decided to close down the toilet portion of our bathhouse (our outhouses and Porta-Potties will remain open). We know that studies have not been conclusive yet but there is compelling evidence that the virus can become airborne when the toilet is flushed. For our well ventilated showers, we’ll be keeping the doors locked. There will be a key system and with the key we’ll give you a bottle of disinfectant that campers can use before and after the showers. Our laundry facilities will be accessible. We’re becoming experts on foggers and expect to shut the building down regularly and treat the entire building with a kill Covid mist. We will be taking our cues from the CDC and modifying our policies throughout the summer.

(3) We are in the process of building an outdoor kiosk for check-in when you arrive…and will provide an e-mail check in form to your telephone rather than share a pen. We are requesting that all advanced reservations be paid by check so that payment is unnecessary at check in. For those who wish to pre-pay for firewood, we can calculate that into your camping fees when we make the reservation.

(4) YEAH! We’re extending our off season rates for non-oceanfront campsites through June 30!! June 1- June 30 Rate Chart for a bronze campsite (30 amp/water/1 free pump out) week: $368 BONUS, for stays of ten or more nights we will pump out your holding tanks twice each week at no additional cost. two week: $737 month: $1638. season: $4700. Upgrades are available at additional costs.

We promise to stay in touch and look forward to hearing from you. My next task is to try and figure out how to do a mass-mailing so watch your e-mail box in case I’m successful. In the meantime, stay well, stay safe and by all means,

Keeping Our Balance

In Searsport, life is pretty much “normal” in our campground centric world. Steve’s outside re-designing the gardens to make the entrance to the garden kitchen more attractive, Mike & Wayne are building picnic tables & benches, Julie & Kent (one of two new couples who will be helping us this summer) are cleaning and organizing the office/rec hall while they quarantine for 14 days, Deb is painting signs and I’m in the house tending to reservations, Makers Guild of Maine “stuff” and summer programs. While I blinked the crocuses came up but we’re still a long way away from daffodils and forsythias.

We expect to hear more about when and how we will be permitted to open but for the moment we’re thinking that we’ll host self contained campers by Memorial Day. We’ll keep the bathhouse closed in the beginning and do all of our check in/check outs from the porch. We’ll have plenty of space to stagger campers throughout the park so distance shouldn’t be an issue…and goodness knows we have plenty of places to explore in the region that are remote enough to avoid anyones exhalations. We’ll follow CDC guidelines about masks and disinfecting.

In Official news, we’ve had information on seasonal camping and reservations procedures.

All in all, the wildly fluctuating weather is creating a lot of extra work and the virus has shaken our foundations…our hearts are with those who are feeling the impact more immediately than we are and our faith in humanity is hitting the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We can still count on the tides, the curiosity of a lamb, the nourishment of a home cooked meal and anticipation we feel at the beginning of every camping season…be well and please stay in touch,

Astrig & Steve

Foraging for Comfort

Our Maine life has remained relatively normal. We don’t usually spend much time away from home when Spring clean up is demanding our attention…and the daffodils are coming up right on schedule…just after the pussy willows started feeding our honey bees. Our hearts go out to those who are confronting Covid-19 on their doorstep.

The one thing we can control is our day to day healthy living right here at home. Steve and I make a tea that supports our energy and well-being. It’s three simple ingredients with centuries of comfort: bladderwrack, tumeric and ginger. Each supports digestion, reduces chronic inflammation and directs energy to our lungs. This is all important during a pandemic but actually, it improves life in a Northern coastal climate regardless of what’s going on in the bigger world.

Bladderwrack is that beautiful seaweed that grows lushly on our rocky beaches. For years we’ve harvested it to fertilize our gardens, steam the seafood we prepare for our lobsterbakes, add it to soups & stir fries and steep it for this tea.

First go to the beach and harvest the freshest looking bladderwrack you can find at low tide. When you find it, cut it from the rocks leaving enough to regenerate (we leave 6″). A small basket full will be enough for a large jar of tea. Although there’s some confusion about rockweed and bladderwrack (Steve’s holding bladderwrack in his left hand and rockweed in his right) both are healthy and can substitute one for the other.

It’s a simple tea recipe…just dry all of the ingredients in the sunshine, chop them finely, mix them in equal proportions or to taste. When your ready for a comforting cup of tea, steep a couple of spoonfuls for about 20 minutes and inhale the vapors…it’s a marvelous blend of sea brine and exotic warmth that will carry you back to your time here on the coast. We don’t find the need to sweeten it but if you’d like try a local honey or maple syrup to taste.

P.S. Bringing the flock along to help with the harvest only makes the experience better

I hope this note finds you and your family well while we navigate the stark reality created by Covid-19.  Personally I’m oscillating between feeling both blessed and ragged; fortunate because I can stay busy planning things like our summer camping season, Fiber College and the new coat I want to spin, weave and sew, but raw from images of refrigerated box cars behind hospitals, service people without masks and empty streets.  

Binx and Trevor think every day is a good day to wander down to the beach

I hope that you’re finding solace in your handwork, cooking or books, and are able to take advantage of the time and opportunities created by social distancing to focus on projects that bring you joy, comfort and the chance to feel in control. Here in Searsport we’re getting the campground ready slowly by picking up fallen tree limbs, re-digging trenches and gathering up mountains of acorns that the squirrels didn’t need this winter. We’re also inside putting the final touches to the new Maker’s Guild Website we’ve dreamed about for years, which tells the story of our not for profit creative community and will showcase all the details of this year’s events when it launches in the near future. We’ve (finally!) learned how to use Cloud based software to polish photos, edit text and video conference…and sorting through images from the 14 years of happy gatherings we’ve enjoyed together has been comforting and inspiring! It’s fun to see how we’ve grown and changed….and makes the grey hairs I now sport seem earned rather than inflicted!

In past years, Fiber College (September 9-17, 2020) has always launched its calendar of classes on April 1st, but this year we’ve decided to do things a little differently. We’re on track to give you the very best line up of classes that we’ve ever offered, but given the way everyone is being impacted right now, it’s taking a little longer than usual to pin down some of the final details….and we don’t want to add another the pressure to people’s lives. And honestly, the launch just doesn’t feel right yet.  Even as I’m writing, our Governor has announced a new order to Stay at Home. So please indulge us for another week or two while we work out a few more details, give extra time to friends in need and show additional bits of kindness to the people who are keeping our groceries on the shelves, our community safe and our vital systems functioning.

A Quick Peek at Fiber College 2020 Class Offerings

In the meantime, here’s a taste of what’s in store. We gathered together the images (Steve wrote and played the music track) for this quick video previewing all the class photos that we’ll be posting soon.  We hope you enjoy it! Stay safe and if you feel as though you are swimming up a flooded Spring stream, pause and look at the birds that are singing from the branches. There is still so much to celebrate!

With a heart full of love and gratitude,


P.S.  We’ve just adopted a bottle lamb…an Icelandic that Coral, our lovely assistant, has been nursing into health…This new addition to our wooly family makes us smile so expect way too many pictures posted to our facebook and instagram pages

P.P.S. If you would like to learn more about our nonprofit arm, Maker’s Guild of Maine you can click over to the website and at the bottom you’ll find a place to sign up for our e-mail updates https://makersguildmaine.org/

“There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen” 
― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

Whenever we meet “first-timers” at Searsport Shores, we love taking them on a walking tour to discover some of the campground’s “secret treasures”. There are secluded spots hidden throughout the woods, along the trails, and even in plain sight . . . if you know where to look!

One of the best hidden surprises of all is the “Umbrella Tree”. You can climb its carved steps, sit under its cozy canopy of branches, and listen to the gurgling of the stream below.

Or, if you want, you can just climb up, smile, and pronounce yourself Queen of the forest!

Would you like to hunt for the Umbrella Tree?

Here’s a hint: Start on the path behind the playground, look very, very carefully and listen for the sounds of running water.

There are forested paths and hidden bridges throughout the woods, just waiting to be explored. Start here and choose any path!

In the Ocean Tenting area, you may pass the “Swing Site”. When you do, you have to stop for a few minutes (no one will see you!) and swing as high as you can – be a kid again!

“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!” 
― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

If you just need a few moments of quiet, wander into the vegetable gardens, find an old mattress spring trellis covered with fat green leaves and just sit for awhile.

The squash won’t mind.

And did you know that on the second floor of the Art Studio there is a livable little house made entirely of vintage doilies? Sometimes I still can’t believe it’s real!

Lace drifts from above a little bed dressed with a vintage coverlet and handmade pillows.

While a little desk creates a quiet place for journaling.

A lacy flowered curtain covers a window overlooking the gardens, just daring you to push it aside and take a peek.

While the ceiling features shiny glass wishing balls . . . and even a doily skylight!

Hidden in the woods across from the studio are the horseshoe pits, built by campers . . .

And named by them too! *credits to Jolene*

Tucked in opposite the “Pits”, near the entrance to the campground, is the Dog Park, where our canine campers get to run free . . .

and meet new friends!

And I almost forgot about the Searsport Shores goats with their own little community of goat-sized houses, church, school and out-buildings!

Speaking of little buildings . . . these three tiny houses are hidden behind the art studio. Each one sleeps two people comfortably and, yes, they are for rent at the campground office. (No goats in these!)

One thing that is never hidden here at Searsport Shores is the love that is all around us.

It’s what makes Searsport Shores such a special place.

“Oh, please don’t go—we’ll eat you up—we love you so!” 
― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

Hope we’ll see you soon – to discover the secret places at Searsport Shores places that make you happiest!

A few days ago, we shared a “Sneak Peek” of the newly updated “Store at the Shores”. As we filled the shop for this summer, Astrig wanted to focus on unique or hand-made local products. Here are a few of the new little treasures we can’t wait for you to see when you visit.

I love some of the names on our local Goat’s Milk Soap . . . like “Goatmeal” . . . or “Pasture Prime” (think carefully before giving this one to your BFF!) Since a visit to Searsport wouldn’t be the same without the bleating of Astrig’s adorable goats, this local soap would be a perfect reminder of happy summer days at the Shores.

We’re also introducing a line of hand-stenciled 30″ square flour sack towels. Aside from bringing happy Maine memories into your kitchen or camper, these machine-washable towels actually get the dishes dry and silverware shiny.

And, with a little imagination (and a few clips) , they make adorable curtains, like these in the store.

And we still haven’t shown you my favorite new product – a line of jewelry from a Portland studio called “Picadilly Pendants”. Beth, the designer writes, ” I can be caught daily in my home/shop obsessing over new designs and foraging for unique prints, metals, beads and ideas to make my creations. I have found, with the exception of family, that this is what makes me so incredibly happy”.

These pendants each feature sections of antiques maps showing Searsport, Penobscot Bay, and surrounding towns. A perfect souvenir or gift from the Shores!

I love Beth’s “Maine” and “Love” bracelets. They come in silver, gold, or rose gold colors and are so reasonably priced that you may need all three!

Even better, 20% of every Picadilly Pendants purchase is donated to a number of Beth’s favorite charities and non profit organizations. 

You’ll find these, earrings, pins, key chains and more in our new “Jewelry Corner”. There’s even fancy lighting and a mirror so that you can try the jewelry on.

Just to the left of the Jewelry Corner is a gorgeous selection of hand-crocheted hats in a variety of delicious colors. All of Ann’s hats are made with 80 – 100% Maine wool. (Almost makes me wish for winter . . . NOT!)

We’ve also added more local foods to the store’s offerings. Like these yummy honey products from Sharon Perez.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, our Honeybee Yo-Sox and Royal Honey flour sack towels coordinate nicely with Sharon’s products. And we can’t wait for you to try the jams and jellies from El’s Kitchen in nearby Winterport. I love the Dandelion Jelly!

As you can see, our little shop is full to the brim and just waiting for you to visit.

Next time we’ll show you some of the many new toys we’ve recently unpacked at the store. In fact, our favorite junior camper, Vera, is already pointing the way to the toy department! (Is she just too cute for words???)

As the ever so slightly misogynistic sign says, let’s pretend that, “Your husband called. He said to buy whatever you want”.

Thanks to the Facebook Group, The Real Housewives of RVing, for all of their suggestions about how to add a little magic to our shop. We can’t wait to see each of you at the “Store at the Shores” !

After three years of “baby steps”, the Searsport Shores campground store (think water hoses, propane tanks and a lovely selection of RV tires) has been transformed into “The Store at the Shores”, a fantastical place full of Maine-made crafts. yummy yarn, foods, jewelry, hoodies, honey, toys, mermaids and sundries.

So many people contributed to the project: long-time camper Jolene came up with the name, Steve painted the floor (and Astrig dusted it with glitter, of course!), Mike built the shelves, Deb painted the signs, and Cheryl researched new products (while nagging Astrig to order them!)

Here’s a sneak peek . .

We’ve got the cutest (and warmest) camping Sox you’ve ever seen: “Glamping”, mermaids, lobsters, honeybees and more – for men and women.

And for those chilly evenings around the campfire, a new selection of “Searsport Shores” t-shirts and hoodies in bright summer colors.

There’s even a little corner in which to sit and knit or spin while you’re thinking about how you might start (and finish!) your Christmas shopping right here at the Shores.

With new Searsport Shores imprinted ornaments arriving next week, what could be better than enjoying a summer afternoon at the Shores while contemplating a balsamy Maine Christmas? Check the blog often for more peeks at the new items arriving daily at the cutest, most magical, little general store in Searsport!

And yes, guys, we still sell RV tires!

Happy Birthday USA

The gardens are still filled with lupine and most of our Spring chores have been accomplished…now comes the excitement of the summer holidays…bring on the iced drinks, the smoky bbq and lots of ice cream!

Next week we’re going to celebrate with food, friends and if the weather Gods smile…warm temperatures and sunshine! If you’re here on Tuesday we’ll be firing up our 1921 potato chip machine…if you don’t know about warm potato chips, you’ve missed one of life’s greatest treats. We’ll have sprinkles and dips to share but let’s make it more special: Bring your favorite homemade dip for everyone and get your chips for free!

Wednesday we’ll continue the Makers Guild of Maine sponsored Wednesday at the Shores program. It’s a picking party on the porch (bring your stringed instrument and we’ll have the song books ready to go), pack a picnic, learn more about harbor seals with the Maine Harbor Seal Project and learn to weave a rug with discarded t-shirts (in fact, if you have any old t-shirts or sweat shirts that you’re not wearing please bring them along for our project). We welcome anyone to set up a vending table of hand crafted, grown or produced wares at no charge.

Thursday starts early because we need to be lined up for the Searsport Parade by 10:30. We’ll decorate a float with the kids and add lots of music. Our little town celebrates the 4th just like you remember it…with Chicken BBQ, Firemen’s games and lots of smiling. That night there will be fireworks from Moseman Park…you can travel the mile to get there from the campground or simply catch them across the bay from our beach (oh yeah, we’ll light a bonfire so bring the marshmallows if you can still eat sugar after our free monster hot fudge sundaes).

Saturday we’ll start preparing for the Lobsterbake early in the afternoon…at the moment we’re dithering between Strawberry Shortcakes, Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream and Peach Cobbler for dessert…want to offer an opinion? This is the only thing that you need to plan ahead for…because we only cook for 50 people, make certain that you’ve reserved a ticket if you’d like to join in the fun. You can find more information here.

Steven and I and our incredible crew are looking forward the excitement of summer swinging into full gear. If you’re already coming, fantastic! If you’re thinking about coming, please give us a call because we’d love to have you join our little world for a celebration that brings us together with smiles and generosity across the picnic tables. Just pack your favorite pillow…everything else will be good!

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