The organic gardens are an important part of our sustainable landscape. We’ll be proudly sharing them with the community at large on June 25th, 2011…briefly for now, here’s the announcement to be published in the local chamber guidebook:

June 25

Belfast Garden Club Open Garden Days at Searsport Shores

Searsport Shores Ocean Camping

216 West Main St, Searsport

Guided Tours of the gardens from 10AM-4 PM.  Flower and vegetable gardens on reclaimed bog land, apiary, water gardens, shorefront gardening for land conservation and edible landscape.  Worm farms, composting and incorporating Angora goats into the garden plans to be discussed.  Ongoing natural dye demonstrations and fiber exhibit in the art studio.  Public welcome, proceeds from the 2011 Garden Tour will benefit the Club’s civic beautification projects. 207-548-6059

2 Comments on “Gardens

  1. What flowers are those? The pink one and the purple? They are beautiful!! Were they taken in the garden??


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