Hidden Secrets of Searsport Shores

“There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen” 
― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

Whenever we meet “first-timers” at Searsport Shores, we love taking them on a walking tour to discover some of the campground’s “secret treasures”. There are secluded spots hidden throughout the woods, along the trails, and even in plain sight . . . if you know where to look!

One of the best hidden surprises of all is the “Umbrella Tree”. You can climb its carved steps, sit under its cozy canopy of branches, and listen to the gurgling of the stream below.

Or, if you want, you can just climb up, smile, and pronounce yourself Queen of the forest!

Would you like to hunt for the Umbrella Tree?

Here’s a hint: Start on the path behind the playground, look very, very carefully and listen for the sounds of running water.

There are forested paths and hidden bridges throughout the woods, just waiting to be explored. Start here and choose any path!

In the Ocean Tenting area, you may pass the “Swing Site”. When you do, you have to stop for a few minutes (no one will see you!) and swing as high as you can – be a kid again!

“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!” 
― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

If you just need a few moments of quiet, wander into the vegetable gardens, find an old mattress spring trellis covered with fat green leaves and just sit for awhile.

The squash won’t mind.

And did you know that on the second floor of the Art Studio there is a livable little house made entirely of vintage doilies? Sometimes I still can’t believe it’s real!

Lace drifts from above a little bed dressed with a vintage coverlet and handmade pillows.

While a little desk creates a quiet place for journaling.

A lacy flowered curtain covers a window overlooking the gardens, just daring you to push it aside and take a peek.

While the ceiling features shiny glass wishing balls . . . and even a doily skylight!

Hidden in the woods across from the studio are the horseshoe pits, built by campers . . .

And named by them too! *credits to Jolene*

Tucked in opposite the “Pits”, near the entrance to the campground, is the Dog Park, where our canine campers get to run free . . .

and meet new friends!

And I almost forgot about the Searsport Shores goats with their own little community of goat-sized houses, church, school and out-buildings!

Speaking of little buildings . . . these three tiny houses are hidden behind the art studio. Each one sleeps two people comfortably and, yes, they are for rent at the campground office. (No goats in these!)

One thing that is never hidden here at Searsport Shores is the love that is all around us.

It’s what makes Searsport Shores such a special place.

“Oh, please don’t go—we’ll eat you up—we love you so!” 
― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

Hope we’ll see you soon – to discover the secret places at Searsport Shores places that make you happiest!

The Store at the Shores: Maine-Made Treasures

A few days ago, we shared a “Sneak Peek” of the newly updated “Store at the Shores”. As we filled the shop for this summer, Astrig wanted to focus on unique or hand-made local products. Here are a few of the new little treasures we can’t wait for you to see when you visit.

I love some of the names on our local Goat’s Milk Soap . . . like “Goatmeal” . . . or “Pasture Prime” (think carefully before giving this one to your BFF!) Since a visit to Searsport wouldn’t be the same without the bleating of Astrig’s adorable goats, this local soap would be a perfect reminder of happy summer days at the Shores.

We’re also introducing a line of hand-stenciled 30″ square flour sack towels. Aside from bringing happy Maine memories into your kitchen or camper, these machine-washable towels actually get the dishes dry and silverware shiny.

And, with a little imagination (and a few clips) , they make adorable curtains, like these in the store.

And we still haven’t shown you my favorite new product – a line of jewelry from a Portland studio called “Picadilly Pendants”. Beth, the designer writes, ” I can be caught daily in my home/shop obsessing over new designs and foraging for unique prints, metals, beads and ideas to make my creations. I have found, with the exception of family, that this is what makes me so incredibly happy”.

These pendants each feature sections of antiques maps showing Searsport, Penobscot Bay, and surrounding towns. A perfect souvenir or gift from the Shores!

I love Beth’s “Maine” and “Love” bracelets. They come in silver, gold, or rose gold colors and are so reasonably priced that you may need all three!

Even better, 20% of every Picadilly Pendants purchase is donated to a number of Beth’s favorite charities and non profit organizations. 

You’ll find these, earrings, pins, key chains and more in our new “Jewelry Corner”. There’s even fancy lighting and a mirror so that you can try the jewelry on.

Just to the left of the Jewelry Corner is a gorgeous selection of hand-crocheted hats in a variety of delicious colors. All of Ann’s hats are made with 80 – 100% Maine wool. (Almost makes me wish for winter . . . NOT!)

We’ve also added more local foods to the store’s offerings. Like these yummy honey products from Sharon Perez.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, our Honeybee Yo-Sox and Royal Honey flour sack towels coordinate nicely with Sharon’s products. And we can’t wait for you to try the jams and jellies from El’s Kitchen in nearby Winterport. I love the Dandelion Jelly!

As you can see, our little shop is full to the brim and just waiting for you to visit.

Next time we’ll show you some of the many new toys we’ve recently unpacked at the store. In fact, our favorite junior camper, Vera, is already pointing the way to the toy department! (Is she just too cute for words???)

As the ever so slightly misogynistic sign says, let’s pretend that, “Your husband called. He said to buy whatever you want”.

Thanks to the Facebook Group, The Real Housewives of RVing, for all of their suggestions about how to add a little magic to our shop. We can’t wait to see each of you at the “Store at the Shores” !

The Store at the Shores: First Peek

After three years of “baby steps”, the Searsport Shores campground store (think water hoses, propane tanks and a lovely selection of RV tires) has been transformed into “The Store at the Shores”, a fantastical place full of Maine-made crafts. yummy yarn, foods, jewelry, hoodies, honey, toys, mermaids and sundries.

So many people contributed to the project: long-time camper Jolene came up with the name, Steve painted the floor (and Astrig dusted it with glitter, of course!), Mike built the shelves, Deb painted the signs, and Cheryl researched new products (while nagging Astrig to order them!)

Here’s a sneak peek . .

We’ve got the cutest (and warmest) camping Sox you’ve ever seen: “Glamping”, mermaids, lobsters, honeybees and more – for men and women.

And for those chilly evenings around the campfire, a new selection of “Searsport Shores” t-shirts and hoodies in bright summer colors.

There’s even a little corner in which to sit and knit or spin while you’re thinking about how you might start (and finish!) your Christmas shopping right here at the Shores.

With new Searsport Shores imprinted ornaments arriving next week, what could be better than enjoying a summer afternoon at the Shores while contemplating a balsamy Maine Christmas? Check the blog often for more peeks at the new items arriving daily at the cutest, most magical, little general store in Searsport!

And yes, guys, we still sell RV tires!