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Free Camping During Project Week

It’s a Huckleberry Finn sort of thing…

It’s so much fun to do Spring chores…wouldn’t you like to enjoy some free camping in exchange for help with our to do list? Everyone is welcome to share…paint, build, rake, tend the fires, cook, organize and celebrate our wonderful community!

For our 29th annual Ship Shape Weekend…we’re changing it up and expanding our plans to fill a whole week.  If time is tight, just come for the weekend and we’ll follow our traditional schedule but if you can stay a little longer and want to help, we’ve got all sorts of projects including building a greenhouse, a tiny house and expanding the trails.  May is a fickle month so we know we’ll be working around the sunny hours…we ask that you come and be part of the family…together we’ll figure out what can get done and how we’ll do it. Bring your tools.  We’ll make certain that no one goes hungry or overworks

In case you missed it…here are the details:

The nuts and bolts of the weekend are simple: when you come in (before 7 PM please), if you don’t see Steve right away, give him a call or text (207-930-5919).  Walk around to choose your campsite (we never know which ones are wet or need more grooming before they’re inhabitable) and make yourself comfortable. Feel free to gather twigs and fallen branches off the sites for your campfire.  The water and electricity is on for the campsites and the bathhouse is fully operational.

Friday evening we’ll be at the pizza oven (at the art studio) making pizza (GF too) & flatbreads from 5:30-7:00.  Bring a beverage and join us around the campfire…we’re looking forward to catching up with you.

Saturday morning at 8:00 we’ll meet in the garden kitchen for a hearty breakfast of farm eggs and potato casserole, fresh coffee and hot chocolate.  There will be a list of chores on the marker board and everyone is encouraged to choose the one or three that are most appealing.  If it’s raining hard, we’ll still meet for breakfast and make a plan according to our options.

Saturday lunch will be a burger BBQ with vegetarian options, Saturday dinner let’s have a potluck supper around 5 PM.  We’ll provide the beverages and Sonya’s amazing pulled chicken and secret sauce to share.

Sunday we’ll have homemade and coffee while we make plans to tie up any loose ends or continue on with the bigger projects.

What should you pack?  Cloths for 30 degrees and 70 degrees, shoes that can handle the mud if the ground is wet, gloves, rakes and power tools if you know how to use them.  

With a smile and a wave,

Astrig & Steve

P.S. If you can stay longer, we invite you to be part of our family crew…we’ll keep a warm pot of chowder or chili on the woodstove and we’ll keep going on projects. We ask that you work 4 hours for your campsite and if you want to stay for Memorial Day weekend, make certain that we know so that we can accommodate everyone without site confusion.

More questions? Email us and we’ll save you a site relax@campocean.com or text (207) 930-5919

19 responses to “Free Camping During Project Week”

  1. If i am not working me and my son might comme for à week 😀 so Nice if everything his free in top of that . What his going to be the weither at the end of May ? If not we might see each other again in septembre . See you!

  2. Hi Astrig and Steve, Happy Spring! I can’t make it up for clean up weekend (my cousin’s son is getting married). BUT, with the extended work week, may I come up on Wednesday 5/24 and leave on Tuesday, 5/30? Also, because of the wedding, please cancel my existing reservation (I made it at the end of August)! Would I be tenting (site 16 please) or could I stay in one of the Artist’s retreat cabins? Yeah!!!

    • Hey dear! A wedding is a wonderful reason to delay! I’ll take care of your previous reservations but would you email Elaine at relax@campocean.com and tell her if you’d prefer the cabin or a tent site? There’s not charge through Friday of the project week.

    • Hi Jeanne, That’s wonderful news! It will be great to see you both! The sites are first come first serve but I’ll add you to the list and I’m certain that you’ll find a pretty site. What day will you arrive and when did you want to head North again? If you don’t mind responding with our email relax@campocean.com so that Elaine can get you on the grid and you won’t miss the email update. Can’t wait to see you, Astrig

  3. I’ll be there 5/19-26. Sonia said I can be her assistant, but I’ll help where I’m needed. Hope Hunky Dory (or other Artist’s retreat) is still available. I’m counting the days!

  4. We unfortunately won’t be able to make it, we were looking forward to it but maybe next year!! Have a great time.

  5. Are you filled up yet? I would love to come and help out. I have never been to your place but would love to see what it’s all about and help for a couple days!!

    • We’d love to have you join us…you’ll have a chance to get to know the campground and many of the wonderful people who make it special. Please email relax@campocean.com and tell Elaine the days you plan on being with us, the type of camping that you’ll be doing and the number of adults, children and pets who will be camping with you.
      Looking forward to saying hello,
      Astrig & Steve

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