Free Camping During Project Week

It’s a Huckleberry Finn sort of thing…

It’s so much fun to do Spring chores…wouldn’t you like to enjoy some free camping in exchange for help with our to do list? Everyone is welcome to share…paint, build, rake, tend the fires, cook, organize and celebrate our wonderful community!

For our 29th annual Ship Shape Weekend…we’re changing it up and expanding our plans to fill a whole week.  If time is tight, just come for the weekend and we’ll follow our traditional schedule but if you can stay a little longer and want to help, we’ve got all sorts of projects including building a greenhouse, a tiny house and expanding the trails.  May is a fickle month so we know we’ll be working around the sunny hours…we ask that you come and be part of the family…together we’ll figure out what can get done and how we’ll do it. Bring your tools.  We’ll make certain that no one goes hungry or overworks

Friday-Sunday The schedule proceeds generally like this rain or shine:

Drive in during daylight hours and choose a campsite. Friday night join us for pizza at the art studio…bring toppings to share and a beverage of your choice…we’ll have the dough ready for custom creations.

Saturday start the day with homemade doughnuts and coffee while we divide up the chores based on what you like to do. We’ll break for lunch…hopefully a BBQ at the beach if the weather is conducive. Dinner’s pot luck and a trivia game.

Sunday and Monday we tie up loose ends, eat leftovers and massage tired muscles.

More questions? Email us and we’ll save you a site or text (207) 930-5919

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