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The Ingredients for a Special Campground

Money can buy a campground. College or apprenticeships can teach budgeting and wise investments. Computer marketing skills can spread the word about a park…BUT the special ingredient is the people who share their talent and love to create a community that energizes, inspires and relaxes the souls that come down the road.

This past weekend we relied on the help of friends old and new to jump start the camping season. Our chore list seemed endless on Wednesday but when folks started driving in on Thursday with rain gear and smiles, suddenly it felt like we could move mountains…and we did…mountains of leaves and debris and odd jobs that have been sitting on the edge of our minds for months.

May the camping season begin! With love and gratitude, Astrig & Steve

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    • Looking forward to showing you all the great things that are going on down here in the park and all around our area…well maybe just a few things so that you have time to relax and daydream at the beach šŸ˜‰

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