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The Perfect Reservation Inquiry

When we took over the campground more than 28 years ago, reservations often came in envelopes through the mail and we wrote each one onto a huge grid of cardboard and mailed back confirmations. How I wish we had saved one of those monthly grids just for the curiosity factor! But those huge poster boards got so grimy by the end of the summer that it was sheer relief to watch them burn in a bonfire when we no longer needed them.

A pretty rendition of our 3 dimensional world

Now we’re often asked why we don’t succumb to the current trend of encouraging guests to make reservations on line, completely circumventing the need to talk with me or anyone else on the reservation desk. I like to think that we can make your vacation nicer by helping you choose just the right site.

Our campground was developed on a 19th century farm where we enjoy a lovely mix of old pines, towering oaks and sunny garden sites. We treat the reservation grid with as much attention to detail as any wedding planner would for a formal dinner…we make site choices with the intention of maximizing serenity and compatibility: not too many dogs in any one area, no toddlers on sites where they could bound toward the ocean in a blink of an eye or avoiding a site with great shade but shallow rooted pines for someone with a cane or wheel chair…that sort of thing.

We have rental accommodations that sleep anywhere from a single to 10 people…each has its own personality

As long as we’re able, we’ll continue to ask guests to give us a call or send an e-mail so that we can try and choose the perfect spot. But like everything else, there’s a real skill to making reservations and I wanted to share this e-mail from Kristen…she’s a genuine communications pro! Take a look:

—–Original Message—–

From: Kristen

Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 4:08 PM

To: relax@campocean.com

Cc: a friend

Subject: Reservation Request July 13-20, 2019

Hello there!

We came across your campsite during an online search and it looks wonderful!

We would like to request 2 neighboring campsites with an oceanfront or an ocean view for July 13-20. We both have pop-ups.   Our info is as follows:

Family #1

Mike and Kristen

Madison age 18

Keelin age 15

Address: 51 HollyRock

NH 03333

Email: thanks for the reminder

Family #2

Eric and Becky

Emily age 14

Dakota 10

Address: 66 Horses Gallup

Notyouraveragedairy, NH

Email: Beckys e-mail address

A couple questions…

The 3 girls (ages 18,15,14) may want to sleep in a tent on our site. Is that allowed? Is there an extra fee.

We like to face our pop-ups toward each other if possible. Is that allowed? I saw it was possible for pull through sites but I’m assuming that’s for big RVs. We both have the wheel on front which makes them pretty easy to swing in place by hand.

Would you possibly allow both campers on one site if we park both trucks on the other?

*Having an ocean view is more important than any of the above things, so even if there are sites elsewhere that we can do some or all of the above things we’d prefer to see the ocean.😊

From pictures I found on-line we really liked site 2 if it makes a good neighboring site with 1. We trust your judgement though if you think there is a better pair of sites for us.

I’ve “CC’d” Becky on this do she may have other questions I haven’t thought of.

Kind Regards,

When you’re looking for a reservation with us or anyone else, providing this level of detail saves so much guess work and a multitude of e-mails. When any of us are planning vacations, we all have a vision of perfection. Tell me all of that when you’re making the reservation so that I can be your ally. Sometimes we can give you exactly what you ask for, sometimes we need to modify a bit but I promise, we can work as a team to make the best possible arrangements AND then when you get here, ask if there are other options you can consider…we’re happy to give you a list.

Always tell us your priorities: proximity to the ocean or bathhouse, trees or no trees for example

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