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If you don’t like it, wait a minute

When I’m taking reservations, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is “what’s the weather going to be like when I’m there?”   25 years later I’m still stammering over the response.  The honest, child-me says “your guess is as good as mine.”  The best advice I have is to always anticipate 30 degree fluctuations;  As long as everyone packs an extra pair of shoes and plenty of layers of clothing to add or remove, the vacation will go smoothly.

Tuesday we had a blizzard…more than 30 inches of snow and it was wonderful.  Today (Sunday), the thermometer was nudging 55 at around 1 and I had to wear snow shoes to walk around the park because the snow on the ground was so wet and heavy; it was wonderful.   My point is, when you are in Maine, live like a Mainer: never be far from 2 sweaters but be prepared to strip down to your t-shirt…and be flexible with your plans…I thought I was going skiing this weekend in Camden, instead I got to tend a couple of gardens and soak up the sun.

Cutting pussy willows along the beach this afternoon…listening to the ducks squawk about being disturbed

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  1. THANK YOU Astrig, I am a lover of weather, all kinds, never listen to a forecast, and it makes me cringe when people feel they need to know everything about the day, or the afternoon, instead of just watching the clouds and enjoying what comes. We used to have customers at farmers’ market, at noontime, who would ask “Do you know what the weather is supposed to be?” Chagrinned, I would say, “This is it, we’re in it.”

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