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Waiting for Snow 

We’re getting a stretch of drizzle and grey that makes me long for a serious blanket of white flakes stretched under a blue sky.

The upside is we’re harvesting kale from the garden in December and in theory, the guys are getting a head start on spring clean up. While  they cut trees and rake leaves, I’m making soups and printing our Christmas cards in the studio. Feeling rather lucky.

2 responses to “Waiting for Snow ”

  1. Hi Astrig
    Sorry we missed you today. Phil and I are looking at a 44 ft Brenkerage, 40ft without the tonque, which can be removed. Phil and I measured today and there is 5 ft behind the camper. Ours is 36 ft. . Questions 1. Would it be possible to put a 40 ft on that lot? . 2. would you want to buy our present camper?. I was glad to hear all is well
    Thanks Peg

    • HI Peggy. I’m sorry to have missed you also. How are you both doing? What are your plans for Christmas? We are trying to get ready for the entire family to invade.

      We’d need to find a different site for a 40 ft unit…make certain that it has holding tanks. If we’re not trading for one of our trailers we’d have to pass on yours because as you probably guessed, we have too many projects in the works already.

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