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Fire Starters- Top Ten List

We’re getting many reservations each day and if there’s a prevailing theme to our e-mail conversations, it’s the daydream of sitting beside the campfire this summer.

You know how one thought leads to another…and I got thinking about fire starters.  Living here on the coast, we accept that every thing is just a little bit damp.  Usually camp fires need some help…we sell fire starters in the campground store but if you’re feeling the need for a little February craft project, here are ten links to clever fire starters to pack away for your next camping trip. Who knew there were so many options?!?  Would I look bad in your eyes if I admitted to having enough wine corks to start a new business? (see project #4)

Maine Searsport July 2009 119


1. If you have bee’s wax, sawdust and egg cartons


2. Looking for something a bit more decorative? If you have pinecones and borax.

pineconedesignsponge3. If you have pine cones and plenty of time to make something that will impress your friends.  Actually, wouldn’t this be fun to do for a wedding gift if the couple loved to camp?


4. If you have an abundance of wine corks and rubbing alcohol.

5.  herbsHerbs and cotton balls.

fritos6. Fritos or Pringle chips…yup, just light em’

7. Soywax, pinecones and a love ofpretty colors. prettypinecones

8. Coffee filters and herbs.coffeefilters

9. Cotton pads and an old candle.cottonpadscandle

10. Orange peels…would other citrus work? Cocktails anyone?orangepeels

As always, please remember to buy your campfire wood, where you’re going to burn it.  This policy may help us to keep our ash trees and fir trees just a little while longer.  If you try any of these fire starter projects or have others to offer, please share your results!

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