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The big fish…

Blake Hendrickson of Brunswick is an artist with an extraordinary mind.  Among his many talents, he has the ability to organize thoughts into sound bites that are both logical and easy to digest.  He takes this skill and applies it to fantastical wall installations built with wood turnings.  And he’s nice.

We asked him to be an artist in residence at the campground this year and he agreed to come and work with guests August 19-26th…And as soon as he said yes, we upped the request and asked if he’d do a piece for the back of our house…because the blank white wall wasn’t the focal point we wanted from the art studio desk…and he said yes.

These are the conceptualizations he sent in the e-mail today…

This is the back of our house…and Blake’s vision of the Fish sculpture.
Blake’s calculation of the space the fish will occupy (20’x6′)
How cool will this look?!?
Step back a bit…
To scale…ha, ha:)

Tah Dah…now all we need are the campers to do the construction…the colors will be a nod to the billboard…blue, orange and green…we’ll serve the lemonade!

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