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Susan Tobey White is coming camping next week!

Dancing in the Rain

Next week’s artist in residence is a well loved painter currently from Belfast…her Gallery is a popular stop on the Friday night Gallery walks.  As a matter of fact, a painting she did of a strawberry/raspberry/blueberry shortcake is now living on my wall because I loved it so much.

The other day I asked her to tell us a little bit more about her residency plans and she sent me back this e-mail:

I am a painter and past elementary art teacher.  I LOVE COLOR!  You can check it out at my website: http://www.susantobeywhite.com.  You will be seeing people painting around the campground on Monday and Tuesday, July 23 and 24 as I am holding an acrylic painting workshop during  that time.  (There are 2 spaces left: info is on my website).

The  class ends at 4 (which usually ends up meaning all have left by 5) so at 5:30 I will lead a session for the campground people who are interested :  Monday: A demonstration with the process that Jeanne Dawson and I have developed in Painting together on the same canvas.
Wear old clothes if you would like to participate.    Tuesday: A  demonstration of the process I have developed in creating my own work.

The rest of the week will be spent learning the language of art, exploring the elements of design as we use the wonderful surroundings of the camp ground for inspiration. All lessons geared to the age of the participants. A one hour lesson with use of the materials throughout the day.  At 5 another meeting to see what you have created!

Each day may use my materials for a fee of $5.00 or may bring your own.  May be water color, soft pencil and sketchbook or your favorite.

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