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Facebook or Blog?

In the beginning, the blog was such a welcome change from the website…I’ve always loved to journal my days and the opportunity to share pictures and thoughts with friends kept me more disciplined.  This hasn’t changed…BUT…like many of you, I reluctantly joined Facebook and now I’m hooked…it’s like the sugar rush of blogging…so quick to load a photo and write a line…I find that I do it almost everyday and love the immediate connections that it fosters.  If you haven’t liked us on Facebook and want tiny postcards of our world, please join us…https://www.facebook.com/maine.ocean.camping

As Steven and I run away for two days of R&R, here are the pictures that have been living in my phone for the past ten days:  (sorry this is short but I’m rushing a little late)

Component #2 of the new Floating City in the Playground
The Iris’ are amazing at the beach this week
Sea Glass Jewelry is new in our Store. Camper & Artist Darcy Nadeau from Aroostoock County made these beautiful silver and glass creations from sea glass she found right on our beach…can you think of a more perfect souvenir?
Kelly Corbett created wonderful needle felting kits on her farm in Woolwich…they’re in our store now too
Look how perfect these chives look under the birch tree
We found this note in the bathhouse…graffiti we can love!


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  1. Plastiquarium® artist David Edgar visits Penobscot Bay
    Have you ever thought about the artistic potential in the recyclable plastic containers we use everyday such as like liquid detergent jugs, yogurt cups, microwave meal trays, water and soda bottles? I have find crafting decorative sculpture from recyclable plastics is creative as well as a meaningful way to get people to think about recycling. I produce lightweight, colorful, and unique artworks that embrace a festive, upbeat aesthetic that speaks to an important environmental subtext.

    I will be bringing my “Plastiquarium®” artwork to the Searsport Shores Ocean Campground on the scenic Penobscot Bay this coming summer from July 29 – August 3. During my weeklong residency at the Searsport Shores Ocean Campground, I will also be conducting daily hands-on project workshops, teaching participants how to make a menagerie of creatures from the Plastiquarium®.

    The projects will include a variety of marine creatures like fish and crabs as well as floral designs and ornamental pieces. These will be the same projects I have taught at coast-to-coast cultural venues including: the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina; Keystone Academy in Beijing, China; and the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

    The campground workshops will include an orientation to materials and equipment with demonstrations of fundamental techniques. I will have plenty of examples of both large and small assembly projects on hand as well. Children under ten must be accompanied by a parent or another adult.

    Anyone wishing to join me in this creative adventure will need to bring their own cleaned plastic containers, so start gathering sturdy, colorful plastic packaging now to bring with you when you are at the Searsport Shores Ocean Campground this coming summer. Coin laundries (“Laundromats”) are great places to find colorful post-consumer plastic containers from liquid laundry detergents and other similar products. Just be sure to thoroughly clean out any remaining product residue before bringing your newfound art supplies to one of the program workshops. A little white vinegar for the final rinse works great.

    If you are interested in learning more about Plastiquarium® my wife Robin and I co-authored the book, Fantastic Recycled Plastic (Lark Books, 2009), which is available on Amazon.com. For more information about my artwork, you can visit my web page at http://www.plastiquarium.com.

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