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Cold, Rainy April Days

I love these April days filled with sleet, freezing rain, heavy gray skies and cold winds.  I mean, why not?  Here are a few reasons why this weather is the most marvelous we could possibly hope for:

  • The daffodils won’t blossom until Memorial Day…so things will look prettier when the campers are here to celebrate
  • I have the opportunity to stay indoors and celebrate paper/computer work tasks without being resentful of those whose job descriptions force them to work outdoors
  • There are no waiting lines in any of the restaurants or stores because no one’s around
  • The Lupine will bloom in late June…right beside the peonies
  • The telephone doesn’t interrupt my thoughts because nobody’s thinking about camping when the windows steam up from a pot of spaghetti
  • It’s possible to use the words “sucky”, “cold”, “raw” and “pissyass” all in the same sentence and everyone nods in agreement
  • I never drive off the road  ’cause the mud ruts hold me right on track
  • My skin stays younger looking because I’m sheltered from sun damage…and there’s always a moisturizing system close by

Don’t you agree?

Yesterday was warm, sunny and perfectly calm…so we all worked on the beach gardens…here are some pictures of the afternoon:

The water is still a bit murky from Saturdays storm…but the sea glass that was churned up…I found three purple pieces
Pulling leaves and debris from the crevices
rebuilding the rocks and adding more soil/compost back to the established plants
raking it all smooth again

5 responses to “Cold, Rainy April Days”

  1. Brrrr!
    Yesterday was beautiful though. A good day for outdoor work. There were quite a few honey bees in the garden with us…I’ve never noticed them this early, if at all. They might be yours!
    (Ted laughs!) It’s not that far across the bay! How far will they travel anyway?

    • Could have been…bees cover 10000 acres…each hive. Now we have two and our pussywillows were covered yesterday…come and visit.

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