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Lazy days in December

Filmore and Monroe…two new kittens inthe Boston Family branch

After living and breathing the campground life for going on 18 years…I just had an epiphany (yes, I’m slow to generate these thoughts)…our “job” is to facilitate the long lazy vacation days of others from June to September.  Then it takes us a few months to settle into a new rhythm while we put the campground and the gardens to bed and get most of the “little things” taken care of.  My time to play is between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  Our Northern sun is setting behind the trees by 2:30 in the afternoon, so I should more accurately be entitling this post “Lazy nights in December.” 

View up the "Passy" River, Belfast, Maine

But don’t get the wrong picture…I’m not melting into a lump on the couch…sometimes I sit in a sheltered spot at the ocean šŸ˜‰   I did go down to Boston for a few days with my sister and her family.  We ate a different ethnic food every day, I found a much needed couch (see above for explantion) at the Gardiner furniture outlets (before you go, talk to me…these weren’t outlets like we were expecting), visited lots of used book stores (see above for that too) and I spent an entire day at the MFA…did you know that you can get museum passes for $5 (instead of $20) if someone you know has a library card from Boston at large? 

They just opened the Gallery of the Americas…this is a MUST see…here are just two of my favorite contemporary paintings…thought you might like a break from all the wooly stuff I usually post.

We’re still eating from the garden…not bad for the middle of December.  Steven continues to harvest carrots, kale, mustard, parsnips, salad greens and swiss chard…and we’re eating as many apples as we feed as treats to goats.  We finished up the last of the fresh tomatoes this week but you know, they still tasted like summertime when we grilled them under the boiler with some local goat cheese and bread from Chases

Still eating from the garden

You can tell by these pictures how wild the weather has been. Last week we awoke to a snow storm that totally took us by surprised…10 inches of snowy, white perfection.   As I write this afternoon, the waves are pounding and the wind is slamming the rain against the windows and bending the trees…it’s been like this for more than 24 hours…but the temperature is 55 right now…

Norma and Wayne…happy birthday Norma!

We had a bonfire to celebrate Norma’s birthday on Saturday…and it was 3o degrees in the sunshine…we were practically sitting in the bonfire to stay warm…but that’s OK when you’re drinking champagne and cider…and eating warm tapioca pudding…(that is after Norma ate a record 6 hotdogs with all the fixings).

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve included more links than usual in this posting.  Just in case you need a bit of holiday shopping inspiration…one final tidbit…We attended Jody Johnstone’s open house and were completely blown away by the beauty of her pottery.  She built her 24′ long Anagama tunnel kiln and fires her work for 8 days…24 hours/day with wood fed fire.  The temperature reaches 2350 degrees and the unglazed pottery captures the mystery of the fire…and the feel of ancient times.   When you visit next year, ask me for a map to her studio, but in the meantime, if you need something special for someone who recognizes the value of unique, functional art…visit Jody’s website or give her a call…she’s as wonderful as her pottery. 

I brought home a covered pot for roasting beans and vegetables…and making pudding…gotta go, I think that I’m hungry…  I hope that you’re enjoying these cozy days of winter…

Jody Johnstone Pottery

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  1. Hey Astrig, nice posting….can’t believe Steven is still getting veggies from the garden….WOW….

    Happy Birthday, Norma


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