There’s alot of things I put off doing “until I have time to do it right”…like blogging Searsport Shores life lately…I didn’t realize the extent of my procrastination until I down loaded some pictures today…OMG…there were photos fresh from 3 weeks ago.

So it’s 8:47 PM…I’m closing the office in 13 minutes but I thought you might like to play a little bit of catch up…(I’m doing this instead of knitting a Victorian lace collar for my new shawl…with handspun yarn dipped in dye made from summer flowers…but that’s another posting too)

We felted treasure pouches over beach stones

330 crabs were gathered on one weekend...for the UM research project

Megan taught a successful friendship bracelet class

Steven succeeded in producing strawberries, raspberries,and blackberries...all in September, all at the same time

Emma taught a whoppie pie class down at the beach

Heather's mermaid swam to the billboard...

We did a Channel 5 news piece on Fiber College

Norma harvested 100s of heads of garlic from the gardens

And the cat witnessed it all...

In my defense (for what it’s worth), I’ve been writing 5 and 6 days/week on the Fiber College Blog for the past month…check that out for pretty pictures…

One Comment on “Procrastinate…me?

  1. The more I see the pictures of what is happening at the campground the sooner I want to get there! This is such a special treat to be able to take part in all the events going on, and to be able to take some of the classes. I’m looking forward to seeing the ocean so much! Now to go and figure how to fit everything in the car. Fabric, yarn, books, cardstock, altered books, dare I say shaving cream, tools to work with, jello, plaster! And of course my pillow! And I am buying a new camera! See you soon, Pat


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