Billboard Update

Yesterday…what a glorious day! But that billboards higher up than you’d think…when the wind blows the scaffolding that you walk on feels mighty narrow…vertigo?…not me.

A blank canvas...and a blue sky

Just a little more blending

Adding the first layer of waves

Re-doing the billboard has had it’s share of hiccups and challenges…but we’re on track for having a roadsign by the weekend…dancing between the raindrops, the windy days and paint adhesion…but it’s going to be so, so, so, very cool!

Hopefully we’ll have our name on the board by Monday…at least on the South side

4 Comments on “Billboard Update

  1. I just love the blue background behind the waves……fabulous!!


  2. Wow! Can’t wait to see it! We’ll definitely be coming up to visit you all this summer.


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