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First Campfire Cooking of the Season

After they're brown, add a half a beer…drink the rest while it's still cold

It was supposed to rain all weekend but it didn’t…so after we transplanted perennials for a couple of hours and Steve stacked more of the firewood for the lobster bakes we needed a rest.  There were plenty of little broken pieces of dry wood scattered under the wood pile…and we needed to cleaned up around the garage on the side to make room for the new compost pile…what’s a conscientious campground owner to do?

Carbs make everything better

We had all the makings of a very nice afternoon…let’s have a campfire!  We put the goats back into there pen and made a quick trip down to the co-op in Belfast, got 4 homemade, hot Italian sausages, a fresh baked baguette and a 6 pack of micro-brew.

Listening for the sizzle is a very important part of the process

When the coals were screaming hot we dropped the sausages in the pan, browned them up and then dowsed them with beer and let them steam over the coals for 10 minutes…When they were cooked through, we wrapped them in tinfoil, placed them close to the fire and tossed some diced potatoes and onions from the garden into the hot, peppery fat while the cast iron pan still sizzled…when they were crispy brown we feasted right out of the pot…and wiped it clean with bread to get every last dripping…boy, I wish that you could have been here 😉

And you could have brought your knitting too.

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