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Billboard and babies

Yesterday friend and camper Gary Kitchen came over to help us cut the more intricate pieces for the new billboard.  It’s very exciting…and hard work…who knew plywood could be so heavy? I’m drawing the seaweed and the waves based on the metal welcome sign that friend and camper Gary Krochmal made last summer…have you seen it yet? Our plan is simple, once all of the pieces are cut out and painted, we’ll put everything up like a child’s jigsaw puzzle…a 10′ x 32′ billboard less overwhelming when you think of it that way.

Gary and Steven cutting out the waves
These will be the blue waves across the bottom of the billboard
The test run to see if we have the proportions right…now back to cutting

If you know us or have read many postings on this blog, you know that our lives are very rural and small town oriented…it’s the way we like to live. Yesterday morning I was on Facebook (have you fanned Searsport Shores yet?) and saw that Marie, our banker, was on line…odd because it was later in the morning. And then there was the familiar knocking on my computer screen…Marie popped up in the chat box…her pygmy goats just had babies two hours ago…that changed the rest of my evening plans. As soon as Gary and Steven were finished with the sign cut-outs, we headed west on Route 3 to Marie and Dickie’s house (more accurately…their beautiful, heated barn) to meet the babies…so young they don’t have names yet. Imagine Chihuahua size and you have a good idea of how cute these miniature goats are

The shy-er twin…with coloration like a children’s animation…just beautiful!

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