Photos for Kendra

Does it count if I’m a day late? I took these pictures yesterday morning as promised and then the world and the weather changed the rest of my plans…and in a nod to full disclosure, a pint of cold beer and some friends at Rollie’s took over the evening…but with no further ado, you’ll be camping on sites 12A and 12B in a few months…this is what it looked like when we walked over:

We're in the parking lot, headed over the bridge into the ocean tenting area...Neeshee and Brambles are leading the way
Pausing a moment to look down at one of the sitting decks...if you were a goat you'd be thrilled at the plethora of acorns along the way
Pausing for a moment to watch the ducks off site 10...they're the tiny specs in the water that you can't see
Standing on the path, looking into site 12
Sitting at the picnic table
Looking towards Camden
Across from your site is drinking water

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