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Spin-in in Newport

Sebasticook Lake…peaceful, isn't it

Saturday was the quintessential Maine winter day…not a cloud in the ski, visibility for miles and air so crisp you want to breath deep because even locals can smell the fir trees on days like this.

You may have read my post before about Brooks Maine…well Saturday I drove Rt 7 straight North, through Brooks to get to the annual spin-in held at the Newport Elementary school (you can see more photos and details here).  But the drive over reminded me, to remind you, that once or twice during your stay you should drive this road through rolling farmland, beautiful lakes and apple orchards.  It would be a challenging bike ride, a spectacular motorcycle or sports carve drive and still perfectly safe in a large RV or dually truck.

Stop here for homemade datebars…yum!

It must happen to you…I was so busy enjoying the scenery that I forgot to take pictures.  Flicker to the rescue!  I found some shots (like the one to the left) that Carol Tetrault took…click over and check out her photostream…You’ll be convinced to have us plot you a personalized itinerary…and we’d be happy to.

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  1. Always love your blog. The photos are wonderful. Will look forward to what you have next. Will be looking once I get back from the hospital.

  2. This is a really great blog you have here. I have a friend who has always wanted to come to new england and do some camping, so I am going to send here this way, I think she’ll love this blog! Thanks for sharing and feel free to visit me back!

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