Winter Hike on Ragged Mountain

After a stretch of gray, sort of warm days, we’re back to the bright blue skies that characterize our January/February months…actually one of my most favorite times of the year.  It’s cold with no humidity in the air so that the snow crunches under your feet and if you don’t wear sunscreen, you’re certain to get a tan by the end of the day.

Sunday we drove down to Camden and then on the spur of the moment decided to hike Ragged Mountain with JJ the hound.  It was so beautiful that I put together this slide show because as you know…a picture’s worth…

After the hike we headed back to the Whales Tooth pub for appetizers and beer…I leaned back and drowsily watched the seagulls fighting over the mussels exposed by the low tide…Steven grabbed a pen and started planning the vegetable gardens…crop rotations, visual interest and how far does _______ need to be from the goats…oh the decisions we need to make!

Where will the broccoli be most safe from the goats?

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