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We’ve been enjoying unusually warm, calm days here on Penobscot Bay…so I brought my spinning to the seashore yesterday and spent several hours listening to the gulls scream, the young male loons call and watching the seals bob up and down in the Bay.  I tried to capture them in a photo for you but my very best efforts only gave me tiny black dots on the top of the water…definitely not worth posting…but my wool, that’s another story!  If you’d like to see more of this sort of picture, check out this Fiber College post.

The only thing lacking is a good cup of coffee

While I’ve been enjoying spinning, Steven has been clearing out the old apple orchard with Mike on the Northwest corner of the campground.

It seems that someone planted apple trees and dug berms to channel the run off during hard rains.  Clearly the trees were planted in rows and cared for once-upon-a-time but now many have fallen over and grown new trunks.  During the next few years we’ll prune them back to life for the pleasure of walking under the apple blossoms in the spring and having apples to feed the goats and deer during the winter.

This year wasn’t a good year for apples in anyone’s orchard so we’ll need to wait and see what kinds we have…hopefully some good, old-fashioned baking apples.

There are about 10 trees in the old orchard

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