Fran came to Maine…and this is what she saw…

Fran and Dennis...came, saw and went home

Fran and Dennis...came, saw and went home

I’ve always said that the guests who stay with us are the reason I’m so happy to live here on the Coast of Maine.  When you’re surround by people who are with you because they made the choice…you can’t help but feel their passions…do you know what I mean?

Fran and her husband Dennis drove from Montana to spend a few days here on the coast.  Among their many interests, they are avid bird watchers and Fran is a “could have been, someday will be” professional photographer.  When they were here in the park, if they weren’t headed to the showers then they had binoculars around their neck and an encyclopedia of birds tucked under an arm.

In the four days we enjoyed their company, they spotted 23 different birds…in a list:

Eastern Phoebe (nesting at the cabin), song sparrow, gold finch, purple finch, house finch, chipping sparrow, redstart, hairy woodpecker, raven, blue jay, osprey, ringbilled gull, common loon, yellow rumped warbler, black burnian warbler, chestnut sided warbler, yellow warbler, yellow throat, oven bird, robin, mourning dove, chichadee, and cowbird…

In photos borrowed from a dozen places on line:

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