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We’re still deep in the Spring set up mode…today I’ll walk around and take some pictures so you can see what I mean…but in the meantime, two guys drove into the campground yesterday afternoon asking about fishing in the area.  They headed to Searsport to talk with the fishermen at the pier and I stayed behind musing about the diversions I could be having at that very moment…here are just a few to put your research engine in motion:

If your interest in fishing includes pretty places, check out this website http://www.trails.com.  Yes, I know it’s a commercial site but there is some really good information to be found and as a non-fishing type person, the places suggested were picturesque enough that I’d easily go along with some knitting or a book tucked into my bag of wine and crackers.

If you want to loose a few of those winter inches and a bicycle is your favorite means of transportation, Waldo County (our county) offers some nice trails and routes…if these are too strenous, ask me about some of my favorites another time.

Didn’t gain any pounds this winter?  We have great restaurants…check out this video for Primo and other award winning restaurants on the Maine Office of Tourism website.  Rockland’s just down the road a piece.  Or if you’re into foraging, it’s fiddlehead season right now and soon the mushroom seekers will be poking around Sears Island.

OK, gotta run…there’s painting and raking to do…

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