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Beyond Expectations

books, gifts, coffee and a shopkeeper who cares
books, gifts, coffee and a shopkeeper who cares

You know when you have a day that just flows?…everyone one is nice, all the colors are brilliant and everything you touch is magical.  As opposed to the days where everything you touch breaks, sours or gets your shoes dirty?  Well, yesterday I was treated to the good day…and it all happened in Belfast.

I needed special cards to send with thank you wishes to new friends in Peru~ so I made a long list of to-dos and headed to Belfast (honestly, the town is only 5 minutes down the road but the way I prepare you’d think I was headed to another state for a week…is that old age or am I just getting barn sour?)

ANYWAY…I have dashed into Beyond the Sea a couple of times for a special book or a token gift but never really browsed or introduced myself to Nanette the lovely proprietress…until yesterday.

It all started when I was eavesdropping on her conversation with another patron (my ears always perk up when I hear “organic herbs” and “linen towels” spoken in quiet tones).  As soon as it was polite to jump in, I introduced myself and admitted my love for old linens as an excuse for eavesdropping unavoidably overhearing…

Does it get better?
Does it get better?

WELL…Nanette found an organic, hand-made skin care line that bonds medieval magic and native traditions…how cool?  The two women who founded Great Things say that their botanical blends  blur the lines between apothecary and spa…and Nanette convinced them to come to her shop on May 3rd (from noon to four) to offer us complimentary facials, hand and foot care to introduce their product line to Belfast…AND…Nanette is bringing in her own antique linens so that we can pat, dry and buff with old fashioned luxury.   Sign me up…and you come too!

It wasn’t long before we were patting each other on the back for using our homespun table linens on a regular basis and wondering why others would use paper when cloth is so much nicer…but that’s another soap box…so…

I picked out my cards and ordered a cappuccino to go with the crunchy cornmeal/orange/cranberry biscotti that were piled close to the tables and chairs…”specially chosen to encourage lingering” Nanette laughs.  My delightfully hot coffee comes in an blue china cup and saucer, I remembered to bring my favorite letter writing pen, there’s lilting music in the background…it’s such a good day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a great place! I just ordered a book from Nanette and am looking forward to visiting the store in person when we’re up in July.

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