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I’m bored…(insert whiney voice here)

Hi Astrig/Steve,
It’s Rachel from Niagara Falls… I am (unfortunately) in charge of the activities for the kids. Lucky me. Anyhow, they are not content with just hanging out by the Ocean enjoying a good book or riding their bikes anymore. I know, what is wrong with them? LOL! They would like to do a fair or amusement park of some sort. Something with rides, go-karts, swimming, mini golf etc…. If you could help guide me in the right direction of such a place or something of the same nature that would be of great help to me. Please keep in mind we do also have the twins that will be just around 2 years old when we are there. Or even if there is a great zoo that is near-by that might be of some interest too. The boys are very active, energetic so any suggestions would be helpful. They are 10, 11 and 13 years old. Thank you so much!!!!!

Rachel’s dilema is the challenge of lots of families that come to Mid Coast Maine because this part of the state caters more to kayaking, hiking, exploring the beach and eating fantastic lobster in secluded coves of the beach…so what’s a good Mom to do?  Here’s a smattering of entertainment within a 50 mile radius of Searsport Shores that doesn’t include the usual sailing, paddling and walking.

Unity Race Way

Belfast Extreme Sport Skateboard Park

Blackbeard’s Family fun Park Go Carts, minature golf, batting cages in Bangor

Summer Tubin & Giant Waterslides, Trenton

Maine Discovery Museum, Bangor

Great Lumberjack Show, Trenton

Fort Knox and the Observatory Bridge, Prospect

10 Pin Bowling, Bangor

OK, There’s a start…and I’ve been thinking, we’ll have a special place set up where parents of teens can share the best and the worst of the activities they’ve found…please contribute!

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  1. Hi Astrig,

    When we were there you gave us directions to a great Alpaca farm. Probably not great for really little kids, but we had a great time. My teenagers enjoyed it.

    Happy Winter!


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