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And the Big Tree Came Down…

Would you describe your life as simple? In my life, every project seems to require coordination between lots of other people and on something else being accomplished. One of the symbols of that lesson stood by the rec hall in the form of a huge, white pine tree with a trunk girth over 72 inches. It hadn’t been doing well for a long time but it was precariously close to the rec hall, all the electrical lines that feed the campground and there was a good possibility that if it fell wrong, it would take out a corner of the bathhouse.

So we hesitated, waited, discussed, pondered, contemplated and procrastinated the day it would actually have to come down. And then this Spring the deck on the side of the rec hall started to scream the need to be replaced and expanded…but we couldn’t do it properly until the tree was down. There hasn’t been the time before now to do the work because things like opening, repairing picnic tables and mowing have taken precedence. Now we are so close to the July 4th holiday that it seemed foolish to take the risk…but we needed to replace the deck so that we could follow through on the music commitments we’ve made for the weeks to come. So yesterday we tackled the deed…and know that we NEVER cut a tree without considering all of the options but this one was too sickly to save.

Steven sharpened his Husqvarna chain saw, Dad got the back hoe in place, my sister Christine made a big lunch with lots of protein, brother in law Christopher was pressed into service and Julie and Bob were ready to go…I tried to hold my tongue the whole time I was holding my breath. When it dropped there was a cloud of golden golden pollen (but not in the shape of a mushroom). Three hours later my garden is sunnier, nothing went wrong and the pile of brush was waiting to be chipped. Steven dropped the tree within 1 inch of the target mark on the driveway…he’s king for the week!

One response to “And the Big Tree Came Down…”

  1. Tell King Steven great job on hitting his mark. Not an easy task when there is so many others things to hit.

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