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Where did 2 weeks go?

You know how when you don’t meet an obligation, at first it’s painful but as time goes by, it gets easier to ignore the committee that lives in your head reminding you to do things?  Well, blog writing falls into that catagory.  You know how it is…I’ve been writing to all of you in my head everyday, you simply didn’t get in there and read my thoughts…when in doubt, blame it on everyone else.

The week before Clean up weekend was a whirlwind of draining the water pipes and flushing the system, buying supplies, talking with folks who had been bitten by Spring Fever, clearing enough winter brush to access the sites…and the gardens…they’re exploding with daffodills, tulips, lungwort and forget-me-nots.

Then Clean up weekend (last weekend) was such a remarkable success (we were 70+ people strong) that the blog post I wrote in my head was bubbling with brilliant prose about the painted bunnies, the new goat pen, stacks of brush, endless piles of leaves, fairy houses and the best potluck supper I’ve ever eaten…as soon as someone mails me pictures of the weekend, I’ll post them with plenty of details (there were lots of people with cameras).

This week is about tying up loose ends again.  We’re getting the garden benches in place by the ocean and along the stream, putting final touches on the playground equipment and upgrading as necessary,  runs to the tractor supply store, unpacking more merchandise in the gift shop (as a complete aside, the rising cost of freight on these purchases is astounding) AND we got Queen Lollipop and Sir Neeshee our angora goats on Tuesday.  They’ve been a completely wonderful distraction and every spare minute I’ve had has been absorbed by walking them around the park so they could nibble the blackberry scrub and brambles (apparently these are like sugar on a stick to a goat)…so maybe we should just blame it on the goats.

All in all, I’m back on track and will write you more details as the days go by…Thanks very much for your patience.

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  1. Hello Searsport Shores – I was missing your regular blog and wondering how the cleanup went. Glad to hear it was a success. 70 people, wow! Did you make the things you were going to make to eat?

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