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Rack Cards, Check…now the Billboard…

With the help of Boysen and his marketing group, we now have rack cards for promoting ourselves, complete with the newly designed logo…big yeah! But when I walked up to the road for the mail this afternoon, I couldn’t deny that it’s time for a new billboard…dscn0498.jpgso today I researched billboard advertising.

Because of a “grandfather clause” it’s my understanding that have the largest billboard on route 1 from Calais Maine to Miami Florida…how cool is that?

As I’ve said a million times before, I love the internet…so much information at your fingertips…I loved college too and if life had been different, I could have been a student for the rest of my life…but I digress.

While searching the web for information on effective billboard layouts and the latest thoughts on outdoor marketing I came across an article printed in Forbes magazine about the advertising world’s new niche: Mommy Marketing. A discovery that women decide where family money is going to be spent? Not news to me. But within the article was a wonderful link to Hewlett Packard about making the most of your digital camera and specifically how to take photos of moving objects…whether you’re thinking about capturing children and dogs or sailboats and seals…the classes are free and I signed up for one that starts today…and if you get a great picture while you’re here, please send it to me 😉

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